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  • "I'm a veteran charged with a crime in California and facing jail or prison. Is there any alternative sentencing available to me?"

    On Memorial Day, we pause to remember those brave men and women who fought and died in the service of our country. We say, “Thank You.” For those brave men and women who survived, a number of these ...

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  • "I'm on Probation, and I Don't Want to Go Back to Jail: A Brief Look at Probation, Violations, and Relief if Your Term is Successful."

    I’m on Probation, and I don’t want to go back to Jail: A brief look at probation, violations, and relief if your term is successful. Every day in courthouses across the country, including in West ...

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  • "Are DUI checkpoints legal? If I get arrested at a DUI checkpoint, can I get my case thrown out?"

    During the “Drinko” de Mayo weekend earlier this month, you may have seen the roadway signs, flashing police lights, and uniformed officers across L.A. County diverting drivers into a conveyer-belt ...

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  • "I'm on Probation. What do I need to know about terminating my probation early?"

    In the game of Monopoly, an unfortunate player may draw the “Go Directly to Jail” card and remain confined, trying to gain freedom through doubles on the dice. In the real-life gamble of the courts, ...

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  • How We Fight Petty Theft Charges
    How We Fight Petty Theft Charges

    We’ve had a lot of success fighting theft allegations for our clients. Here is what we usually do. Have you or a loved one been arrested? Or do you have a prior conviction? Contact us today Meet ...

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