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Early Termination of Probation in West Covina

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Anyone who is on probation in California can request from the court an early termination of his or her probation. The process for terminating probation and what must be shown to the court to warrant early termination is quite complex and should be handled by an experienced West Covina criminal defense lawyer. At Coimbra Law Firm, we have 15 years of experience handling applications and representing cases for early termination of probation.

Requirements for Obtaining Early Termination of Probation

In order to be qualified for early termination, you must demonstrate to the court that you have exhibited “good conduct and reform,” and that the ends of justice will be served by terminating your probation early. In general, what this means is that the court wants to know that you have learned from your mistakes, are moving forward in a positive way, and do not pose any continued risk of reoffending or any general risk to the public.

In addition, you will want to be able to inform the court that you have satisfied all of the terms of your probation thus far, including:

  • The payment of fines or restitution
  • The completion of any required classes, counseling, or community service
  • Proof that you have not been arrestedor charged with any new offenses

Some examples of circumstances that can also help to justify early termination include instances in which probation is unreasonably preventing you from certain necessary travel (either for work purposes or familial relationships), or from securing a necessary loan, or if it is impeding your ability to find and secure employment.

Benefits of an Early Termination of Probation

The first benefit to terminating your probation early is that it allows you to seek to expunge your conviction at an earlier time. Another benefit of early termination is that once your probation is terminated, you are no longer at risk of violating your probation.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of early termination of probation or the application process? Schedule a free consultation with our West Covina early termination of probation attorney by calling us at (626) 827-7222.

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