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Sealing Juvenile Records in West Covina

Were You Convicted of a Crime as a Minor?

If you were convicted of a crime as a juvenile (when you were under the age of 18), you may be able to have that record sealed. Eligibility requirements and the process for sealing juvenile records can be quite complex and require many steps, which is why consulting with an West Covinacriminal defense lawyer is wise. At Coimbra Law Firm, we assist individuals like yourself to take action towards sealing your juvenile records.

What Is a Juvenile Record & How Is it Sealed?

A juvenile record includes all the papers, reports, and orders in your juvenile court case file, in addition to all the documents relating to your case that are held by other agencies. This includes law enforcement agencies, the Department of Justice, and the probation department.

When a court seals your juvenile records, it means that all the records and documents being held by the court and those other agencies will be closed and sealed off, and it will be as if the related court proceedings never took place. If anyone subsequently asks any of those agencies about a sealed record, the agencies are required to state that they have no record of that matter. In addition, you can legally state that you were not adjudicated (and not even arrested) for any matter that is sealed.

The eligibility requirements for sealing a juvenile record states that you must be:

  • At least 18 years old and have completed your probation; or
  • Younger than 18, but at least 5 years have passed since your most recent arrest/discharge from probation;
  • You have not been convicted of any felony or of any misdemeanor involving a crime of “moral turpitude” since your most recent arrest/discharge from probation;
  • You can demonstrate to the court that you have been “rehabilitated;"
  • You have not been found by the juvenile court to have committed an offense listed in California Welfare & Institutions Code § 707(b) when you were 14 years old or older; and
  • There is no ongoing civil law suit regarding the behavior that led to your juvenile record.

What Crimes Are Disqualified to be Sealed?

Crimes of “moral turpitude” are crimes that reflect dishonesty or a significant lack of regard as to right versus wrong. In general, crimes of moral turpitude include crimes of theft, fraud, sex offenses, certain drug offenses, and certain offenses involving great bodily injury.

The offenses listed in California Welfare & Institutions Code § 707(b), which will disqualify you from sealing your record include:

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