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Painkiller Malpractice Lawyer

Representing Doctors Accused of Overprescribing Painkillers

Physicians must be very careful when they prescribe painkillers or opioids, or they can be criminally charged by the state or federal government. The ongoing opioid epidemic has everyone on edge, and some people are quick to point the blame at doctors who write their patients opiate prescriptions. You might have every reason to believe your patient would benefit from a painkiller prescription due to chronic pain, but still, be accused of reckless medical practices or “overprescribing.”

If you’ve been arrested for professional malpractice on the ground of overprescribing painkillers, Attorney Joe Coimbra of Second Chances Law Group, APC can help strategize a solid defense on your behalf. With a track record of success in criminal law, our law firm has successfully defended many individuals accused of criminal misconduct and had their charges either dropped or reduced.

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What Constitutes Painkiller Malpractice?

Professional malpractice can be linked to various actions on the part of a medical professional, but it basically boils down to negligence. This means the healthcare provider failed to practice due diligence and recklessly prescribed painkillers to patients who did not need them. This opens the doctor to criminal charges and perhaps civil litigation on behalf of the patient who became addicted, allegedly because the doctor overprescribed painkillers.

Contact a Painkiller Prescription Malpractice Lawyer at Second Chances Law Group, APC

Were you arrested for painkiller malpractice? Over the years, this has become a common criminal charge, as many healthcare providers have been hit with criminal charges owing to the government and law enforcement coming down hard on those who prescribe painkillers and opioids. These individuals face an uphill climb in defending their charges, but Second Chances Law Group, APC, can help you fight for your future and freedom.

Arrested on painkiller malpractice charges? Contact us at Second Chances Law Group, APC today at (626) 827-7222. We offer free case evaluations.

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