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Battery On a Police Officer Defense

Aggressive Defense of Violent Crimes in California

Being accused of committing battery on a police officer can be scary, especially since law enforcement officials take crimes against fellow officers very seriously. The range of penalty is wider than traditional or “simple” battery under California law, given that the alleged victim in such cases is a peace officer. You may be concerned that you have no options or no one who can protect you, but our legal team at Second Chances Law Group can help.

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What Is Battery On a Police Officer?

It is against the law to commit any type of willful and unlawful application of force or violence on another person. If that force was directed at a police officer, peace officer, or other public official, and you are convicted, you could face extremely stringent and enhanced penalties.

A “battery on a police officer” charge can often stem from an arrest or some other charge. Many times, the complaining witness (police officer) may have had some sort of personal issue against you and may have exaggerated or even fabricated the charge. If he had a particular dislike of you or you said something that offended him, the police officer would have had the motivation to allege that you battered him or her.

To obtain a conviction for battery on a police officer, the prosecutor must demonstrate the following:

  • You perpetrated a battery
  • You did so against police officer, other civil servant, or other “protected person”
  • The officer (or other public official) was engaged in performing his duties
  • You knew (or should reasonably have known) that he was a protected person and that he was carrying out his official tasks
  • The officer suffered an injury

Providing Reliable Legal Representation

A peace officer is a catch-all term for an officer or official whose paramount task is enforcing the law. This includes police officers, Sheriff's deputies and court bailiffs, college campus police, school police, and Highway Patrol. Fortunately, our criminal defense law firm is adept and knowledgeable at fighting and seeking a dismissal of criminal charges of this nature. Given the experience and skill we have to offer you, our firm is extremely to represent you. We can investigate the surrounding circumstances and try to muster a powerful defense that may lead to a dismissal or acquittal of your charge.

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