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Aggressive Legal Defense for Murder

Experienced Violent Crime Attorneys

Murder is essentially the most serious felony crime you can be accused of in the state of California. The consequences you could face for a murder conviction are substantial and devastating, including up to a lifetime in state prison. In many cases, it is a "capital offense" which can incur the death penalty.

Although murder is one of the worst crimes for which you can be accused, rest assured that Second Chances Law Group has exceptional qualifications to work towards getting you an acquittal or pretrial dismissal of your murder charge(s). Our murder defense attorneys and team enlists the help of defense experts, forensic investigators, and jury consultants to put forth the best possible murder defense.

What Constitutes a Murder Charge?

According to California violent crime laws, you can be charged with murder for the “the unlawful killing of a human being or a fetus with malice of forethought." You can be accused of committing a homicide if you allegedly killed another person (unlawfully or otherwise). Unlike manslaughter and other forms of homicide, in order to achieve a murder conviction, the prosecution must be able to prove that there was malice aforethought or an intent to kill.

Implied malice is found where a killing:

  • Resulted from an intentional act;
  • Where the natural consequences of the act were perilous to human life; and
  • You deliberately performed the act with knowledge of that danger to and with a conscious disregard for human life.

Dedicated Counsel Who Will Win Your Case

Only a very experienced criminal defense attorney can help stave off the consequences associated with murder charges. Our firm has earned a reputation for our experience, aggressive representation, and effective strategies used to defeat murder charges.

Call us immediately at (626) 827-7222 if you or if your loved one is undergoing a murder investigation or have been charged. We are available 24/7 and can offer you a free consultation to discuss your options.

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