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California DUI Driver License Suspension

If you are reading this, the police may have recently arrested you for DUI and you’re wondering what will happen to your California driver’s license (i.e., California driving privilege).

  • “Will the DMV pull my license because I was arrested for DUI?”
  • “How long will I be without a license?”
  • “Can a California DUI defense lawyer help me keep my license so it isn’t suspended?”
  • “If the DMV does suspend my license, can I at least get a restricted driver’s license?”

We will do our best to satisfy your curiosity as to these issues. However, the best way to learn about what will happen to your driver’s license is to schedule an appointment with one of our Award-Winning, DUI Defense Lawyers at (626) 827-7222.

The Impact of a DUI on Your Driver’s License in California

One of the most feared and hated results of a California DUI arrest or California DUI (judgment of guilt in court) is the possibility of a driver’s license suspension.

The reality is that most of us in California cannot economically survive (and would otherwise be severely hampered) without our ability to drive. We drive to work, to our friend’s house, go see our significant other, go grocery shopping, to the doctor’s office, etc. Life without our cars is almost unfathomable. Public transportation is not a viable or desirable choice for many or most of us.

Because some people go without solid and experienced legal representation, their driver’s license is suspended for at least a period of time. This suspension can last from 30 days to many years, largely dependent on whether they have previously been convicted of DUI or wet reckless convictions as well as whether or not they refused to undergo a DUI breath test or DUI blood test.

Some people continue driving throughout their DUI license suspension, which is extremely risky because, if caught, they can be charged with and locked up for violating California Vehicle Code section 14601 VC, also known as "driving on a suspended or revoked license." This criminal offense can trigger severe penalties, including mandatory jail time. Driving with a suspended license would be ill-advised.

However, a DUI arrest is not a guarantee that your license will be suspended. It doesn’t have to be an automatic consequence of your DUI arrest. Our DUI defense attorneys may successfully challenge the suspension of your license. And, under California Senate Bill 1046 (passed in 2018), the DMV may permit you to continue driving anywhere during the suspension period so long as you agree to get an ignition interlock installed in your vehicles.

If our DUI lawyers accept your case, one of the foremost objectives in your case will be to help you avoid the suspension of your license. The odds may not always be in your favor; however, our experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable DUI defense attorneys will be to provide you the best opportunity to be able to proudly carry your (active, not suspended) driver’s license again.

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