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West Covina Family Law Attorney

Legal Guidance for Your Family Matters

Family law cases are often highly emotional and complex. At Coimbra Law Firm, we prioritize our clients by listening to their needs, concerns, and legal objectives. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed and realistic decisions about your family law case.

If you require a family lawyer in West Covina, contact Coimbra Law Firm at (626) 827-7222.

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Child Custody

Determining a custody arrangement with your ex is one of the most difficult decisions of the divorce process. Conservatorship and visitation schedules are typically decided prior to the divorce being finalized to guarantee a structured environment for the child. California prefers granting joint physical and legal custody, but this depends entirely upon what the judge deems to be “the child’s best interest.”

If you’re involved in a custody dispute, contact our child custody lawyer at (626) 827-7222. We can review your custody situation and strategize a case that will benefit you and your child.

Child Visitation

Visitation rights are determined by the court prior to finalizing your divorce. Both parents, regardless of custodial or noncustodial status, are legally obligated to follow the court-ordered visitation schedule. If the visitation schedule is not upheld, there can be tremendous legal consequences, including loss of custody rights. The only exception is if you have grounds to fear for the safety of your child. If your ex is a danger to your child, you can request a restraining order and a modification to the visitation schedule.

Coimbra Law Firm can help you:

  • Legally modify the visitation schedule
  • Defend your visitation rights
  • Request a restraining order

Civil Restraining Orders

If you fear for your personal safety or the well being of your child, contact our family lawyer as soon as possible to discuss how a restraining order can protect you. There is no circumstance where domestic violence should be tolerated. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to be granted a restraining order in California. With the guidance of a lawyer, you can be confident the proper forms and legal steps are being completed accurately.

You can place a restraining order against your:

  • Spouse
  • Romantic partner
  • Sibling
  • Parent
  • Grandparent

Child Support

An important part of your divorce agreement is determining child support payments. Typically, the parent who doesn’t have full custody of a child is required to make payments to the custodial caregiver until the child is 18. It’s up to the parents or a judge to decide the terms of a child support agreement. By hiring a legal representative, you can make sure the agreement is fair to you while also benefiting your child.

Child support payments are determined by:

  • Child care costs
  • Education costs
  • Special expenses specific to the child
  • Determinations made by the court

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