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Restraining Orders

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In California, a restraining order can be used to keep a dangerous or malevolent individual away from another person who could be subjected to their harm or abuse. For the most part, restraining orders are granted in cases of domestic violence to keep an abusive family member away from another.

Coimbra Law Firm and our West Covina restraining order lawyers are here to assist and protect the rights of clients involved in a restraining order case. You can depend on us for experienced guidance when you need to petition for a restraining order. However, we are also the competitive legal team for you when you have to shield yourself and your reputation from an unjustified restraining order filed against you.

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When a Restraining Order is Needed

You should do everything you can to protect yourself from an abusive family member, including using a restraining order to keep them separate from you. Keep in mind that restraining orders can be requested if you have been abused, or suspect you could feasibly be abused soon, through any means. Physical, sexual, financial, emotional, and mental abuse can all be considered forms of domestic violence that should be blocked with a restraining order.

A restraining order can demand that the restrained individual:

  • Stay at least a certain distance away from you at all times.
  • Never contact you directly through emails, texts, phone calls, letters, etc.
  • Not enter your workplace at any time you are there.
  • Surrender firearms and other deadly weapons to the authorities.

Our law firm can help you with initial restraining order petitions, as well as presenting arguments to the court if the restrained individual objects. You will most likely be granted a temporary restraining order that lasts a few weeks at most before you must bring your case to court. The judge will make a decision to either make the restraining order permanent or end it, depending on the arguments of both sides.

Remember: if you believe you or your family is in immediate danger due to an abuser, call 911 when it is safe to do so. Never do anything to jeopardize your health.

Unjustified Restraining Orders Cannot Be Tolerated

As upsetting as it may be, many people try to use restraining orders to penalize and inconvenience someone out of spite, not out of necessity. For example, someone who is angry to learn of their spouse’s infidelity might make up wild stories of abuse and file for a restraining order for revenge, instead of just filing for divorce. If such a situation is happening to you, come to Coimbra Law Firm for honest and quick-thinking legal representation.

We can fight to show the restraining order is unjustified by looking at:

  • Medical records: If you are accused of causing physical harm, we might be able to use the alleged victim’s medical records, or lack of them, to show they never suffered an injury.
  • Criminal records: Your own clean criminal record can be used as an indicator of your own calm demeanor and generally good behavior.
  • Testimonies: The statements of family, close friends, neighbors, and coworkers can be greatly influential when a restraining order case boils down to one person’s words against the others.
  • Ulterior motives: As aforementioned, if there are reasons why the petitioner would want to tamper with your wellbeing, we will want to bring them to the attention of the court.

Put a Passionate Legal Team In Your Corner

No matter which side you stand on in a restraining order case, you should not stand alone. Instead, team up with Coimbra Law Firm in West Covina for all the legal guidance and counsel you require during such a trying time. We approach every case from all angles and routinely recruit investigators and researchers to solidly back our evidence and arguments on your behalf.

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