Drug Crimes Results

    • Nursing License Discipline and Suspension Dismissed - Drug Crimes Suspension Dismissed

      A mid-career Vocational Nurse practitioner faced the possibility of losing her state license after drugs were found in her car during a traffic stop, but our attorneys at Coimbra Law Firm, APC successfully defended our client’s license—and livelihood.

      At a hearing today before the Office of Administrative Hearings, our attorney argued against the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians’ position to revoke or suspended our client’s Vocational Nurse License due to “unprofessional conduct.” The Board accused our client of unlawfully possessing and using a controlled substance, following her arrest nearly three years ago. Our attorney effectively argued that it was unnecessary to take away our client’s license, highlighting the positive character traits, goals, and amenability toward rehabilitation of our client, who had successfully completed a probation term earlier to dismiss the criminal charge against her. A similar probation term is expected in this case, as our client walked out of the hearing with the prospects of her license and career intact.

    • Child Endangerment Charges Dismissed (Also, Maximum Penalty on "Drug Possession for Sales" Avoided and Reduced Jail Time) - Drug Crimes

      Our client faced nearly a decade in prison for felony drug possession, along with a prior strike, and child endangerment charges against him, after authorities found drugs in his family home during a probation search. But, due to the tireless and creative efforts of the Coimbra Law Firm, APC, our client will end up serving a little more than two years (if that). We maxed out his custody credits. We submitted powerful evidence in mitigation which pointed out the challenges the District Attorney would face in proving specific charges and discussed our client’s genuine efforts to reform. And our attorney strongly advocated on his behalf at a recent hearing at the Pomona Courthouse. The District Attorney dropped all of the child endangerment charges, and the case was favorably disposed in exchange for our client’s plea on the sole drug offense.

    • Client Charged with Multiple Counts of Violating Health and Safety Code 11351 HS "Possession of Cocaine for Sale" Law & Spared - Drug Crimes Successful Resolution -- No Prison

      Client was faced with a felony charge for cocaine possession for sale out of the Alhambra courthouse in the San Gabriel Valley. He was looking at nearly a decade in a California State Prison. Our Alhambra courthouse criminal defense attorneys swept into action, forcefully challenging the evidence through powerful legal motion work and negotiation. Our determined defense work saved client from having to serve out 9 years in prison. He was released with no custody.

    • Possession of Methamphetamine Charge Dismissed - Drug Crimes

      Our West Covina drug defense attorneys represented a young man of college age after he was arrested and cited for possession of methamphetamine, a violation of California Health and Safety Code section 11377. Due to our early intervention, our West Covina meth possession defense lawyers were able to have the matter charged as a misdemeanor rather than a felony prior to filing. But we didn't stop there. We negotiated a settlement for drug diversion under PC 1000. Our client took a 20 day drug diversion course, maintained an arrest-free record. Judge dismissed of the matter. Not only was our young client able to avoid any jail time, but he will have no criminal record of this case.