Early Termination of Probation Results

    • Early Termination of Probation for PC290 Registrant - GRANTED - Early Termination of Probation Early Termination of Probation

      Our client, a registered sex offender under Penal Code 290, came to us in order to seek early termination of his probation. His probation officer refused to issue a recommendation that our client’s probation be terminated. Despite the probation officer’s opposition, our West Covina early termination of probation attorneys persuaded the court to terminate our client’s probation early. He is no longer under the thumb of his probation officer and is free of the burdensome probation conditions that he used to have.

    • Felony Probation for Registered Sex Offender Terminated: Motion to Terminate Probation Early - Early Termination of Probation GRANTED

      Our client, a 290 PC registrant, was saddled with burdensome felony probation. His father, concerned about his son, our client’s well-being in view of the onerous probation requirements, hired our CCB early termination of probation attorneys. We encountered resistance from the probation officer and bureaucratic delays. Despite that, our West Covina early termination of probation attorneys persuaded the court to grant our motion to terminate our client’s probation several months and/or years in advance of his probation expiry.

    • Federal Court Grants Early Termination of Probation - GRANTED - Early Termination of Probation Granted

      At the hearing to end probation early on a federal child pornography conviction, our client’s probation officer rattled off a list of supposed violations before the judge. Admittedly our client, who was sentenced to 8 years probation after his prison sentence, presented a few challenges, including an episode where his computer was seized while on probation. However, our attorneys were ready. The Judge had a strong Motion before him, detailing our client’s rehabilitative growth, renewed spirituality, and recognized leadership roles in various support groups. Our attorney at the hearing aggressively attacked the merits of the purported violations. Ultimately, the Judge saw that our client had made progress and no longer posed a threat to warrant continued probation. His Order: EARLY TERMINATION OF SUPERVISED RELEASE GRANTED.

    • Probation Violation Dismissed - Early Termination of Probation Case Dismissed

      Client had been represented by public defender and was given onerous probation terms, including a one-year inpatient drug rehabilitation program. Client complained about being exploited by the program, made to work and being under tight control. He AWOL'ed and found out that he had a warrant for his arrest for leaving the program. Our probation violation defense attorneys swept in and not only had the warrant recalled and quashed (i.e., terminated); our firm also got him re-enrolled into an outpatient program with extremely reasonable terms so that he could serve out his drug rehabilitation without incident. Probation violation and potentially long prison sentence totally avoided.

    • Man on probation with outstanding warrant receives significantly reduced sentence for felony evasion - Early Termination of Probation WAIVED

      Our client, a man with an extensive criminal background, was charged with felony evasion after fleeing from a traffic stop. At the time, he was not only on probation, but he also had a warrant. He was facing a sentence of 3 years in state prison, in addition to an enhanced sentence for the probation violation. Our attorneys were able to secure a deal where the client will only serve 9 months in county jail and will later be placed in a drug rehabilitation program. The court agreed to waive additional punishment for the probation violation and the warrant at issue.

    • Felony drug conviction probation terminated: court grants early termination of probation (as well as reduction to misdemeanor) - Early Termination of Probation Probation Terminated

      Our client, who was in the process of resettling overseas, inadvertently some old prescription narcotic pills sold on craigslist. He was charged and convicted, through his inefficient previous attorney, of having violated California health and safety code section 11350 (a felony). He was placed on five years formal probation, with burdensome conditions including but not limited to 24/7/365 search and seizure conditions. A native of Peru, he wanted to reunite with his family but was unable to do so because of his travel restrictions. Our West Covina early termination of probation attorneys got to work, assembling and constructing a powerful legal argument for the early termination of our clients probation. Sure enough, the judge agreed, terminating our clients probation nearly 3 years before his probation was over. Our client was overjoyed, expressed regret that he did not hire us sooner but was ecstatic at the result we obtained for him. He walked out of the courthouse a free man and has since reunited with his family