Expungement Results

    • Young Man Gets a Second Change on Life and Employability as We Secure Expungement - Expungement Expunged

      A nearly 10-year-old conviction for an isolated alcohol-related driving offense had the potential of derailing a young professional’s ability to climb the ladder at work. But, due to the diligent efforts of Coimbra Law Firm, APC, this gentleman had his conviction successfully expunged at a recent hearing at the El Monte Courthouse. With the expungement, the young man can now seek international travel opportunities for work (some countries ban admission to anyone with an alcohol-related criminal offense), drive company cars without the fear of creating a liability for his boss, and continue to grow in his career without the stress and worry over how a long-ago misdemeanor crime could affect his future. At Coimbra Law Firm, APC, a successful outcome means a successful second chance at life.

    • California Weapons Charge Successfully Expunged - Expungement Successfully Expunged

      Our client, an industrious and career-driven person, was saddled by a "Carrying a Concealed Weapon" conviction (a violation of California Penal Code Section 25400---formerly 12025(a)) that happened nearly twenty (20) years ago. Despite her high degree of skill, she was unable to secure better employment on account of this long-ago mistake. Our West Covina courthouse expungement attorneys showed the judge that she had been living an exemplary, productive and law-abiding life ever since and that the court should exercise its power to liberate her from the chains of her conviction. Indeed, the Court agreed with our expungement law firm and granted her expungement petition. She can now go on to secure optimal employment becoming of her talents.