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West Covina Criminal Defense Attorneys

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At Coimbra Law Firm, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty for our clients. We set an exceptionally high standard for ourselves to ensure we leave no stone unturned in terms of developing the best possible defense strategy for our clients. In fact, our West Covina criminal defense lawyers have served thousands of clients throughout courts statewide and has secured an impressive track record of reductions, acquittals, and dismissals along the way.

We don’t “wait and see” or apply a “one size fits all” defense strategy to your case; rather, we proactively investigate every aspect of your case. In this way, we can walk into a courtroom prepared for any scenario, rebuttal, or allegation. Prosecutors, judges, clerks, bailiffs, and other court personnel know and respect us for the level of preparation that we take for every case – and this helps give the leverage and recognition your case needs.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, do not wait another moment. Call the West Covina criminal defense attorneys at Coimbra Law Firm at (626) 340-2326 today.

Coimbra Law Firm Difference

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  • Focus on early action, intervention, defeat, and dismissal
  • Successful results in all California Superior Courthouses
  • Decades of combined legal experience working for you
  • Thousands of clients represented throughout California
  • Stay up-to-date on all appellate decisions & legal stratagems
  • Providing maximum competence, diligence & persistence

Meet Top Attorney Joseph L. Coimbra

Recognized for Legal Excellence & Compassionate Service

Attorney Joseph L. Coimbra has more than 20 years of legal experience and has devoted his practice to solely handling criminal defense matters. In this time, he has represented clients throughout all of California’s Superior Courthouses and secured an impressive record of dismissals, reductions, and acquittals by way of negotiation and litigation. Also, Mr. Coimbra has also successfully represented clients in federal courts. Click here to read more of his success stories.

Mr. Coimbra was trained extensively by former prosecutors and a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, who are considered to be legal experts in the field. As a testament to his tireless commitment to the utmost standards of professionalism and legal advocacy, he has been named as a Top Attorney by Pasadena Magazine for 4 years (2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017), the Lawyer of Distinction Award (given to less than 10% of all American Lawyers), and Top Attorney 2016 as well.

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“We could not claim to be a democracy if the voices of the innocent and wrongfully accused were drowned out by a seemingly all-powerful criminal justice system. I wanted to be part of leading the battle cry against miscarriages of justice in my own way: by representing criminal defendants.” – Attorney Coimbra

How Our Firm Can Help Protect You

We Believe the Best Defense Is an Effective Offense

Too often, other criminal defense lawyers may view their role in the attorney-client relationship as one where the lawyer must never condescend to the level of their client, keeping them an arm’s distance from recent case developments. As an accomplished firm, we take the exact opposite approach and stay relentlessly devoted to our clients and their best interests. Every member of our team is committed to seeing your case through to a favorable end. To accomplish this, we coordinate our talents, much like a unified team, to produce a defensive strategy that confronts any legal accusation hurled your way.

Acting immediately after an arrest can be the most powerful aspect of your defense strategy. Call our West Covina criminal defense lawyers.

Read Our Success Stories

  • Successful negotiation on reduced sentence

    Failure To Register Allegation Vigorously Challenged: Years Of State Prison Avoided - Successfully Resolved

    Our client faced potentially up to 6 years in prison (3 years high term times two because of prior strike) for failing to report a change in address, as is required of § 290 registrants. Instead, he will be going home in less than 190 days, due to the diligent efforts of our sex crimes defense attorneys. And his family cannot wait to celebrate! Our client was arrested on his 73rd birthday. He was registered at one address but had been caring for his ailing mother at least twice a week at another address, which authorities felt triggered a registration violation. Our sex crimes defense lawyers successfully negotiated with prosecutors and the court to not only cut in half a proposed sentence term but then double our client’s custody credits, resulting in a sentence of about 6 months before factoring in the credit for time already served. Our client will be home well before his next birthday and in time to continue caring for his mother.

  • Dismissed

    Hit and Run Dismissed, No Jail Time Despite High BAC

    Our client was accused of having driven with .15 blood alcohol concentration (BAC), as well as having hit a parked vehicle and then fleeing the scene of the accident. Therefore, the prosecutor filed a criminal complaint alleging three criminal counts (driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher and hit and run, violations of California vehicle code section 23152(a), 23152(b) and 20002(a), respectively). The court imposed six-figure bail...UNTIL our attorneys got involved. Our DUI and hit-and-run criminal charges defense attorneys sprung into action immediately, first with convincing the judge to reduce bail significantly. The judge granted the bail reduction, our client made bail and was released from custody. Then, we mobilized to have the charges dismissed. Facing a potential one year in the county jail, our client was in jeopardy of being incarcerated and losing his job. We convinced the prosecutor to drop any jail time at all. Additionally, the prosecutor threw out the hit and run allegation as well as driving under the influence of alcohol. Not a single day of jail time was imposed.

  • Dismissed

    Hit And Run Against School Bus (With Property Damage Only)

    Our client, a gentleman with a previous criminal conviction, was accused of "hit and run", a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 20002(a). A new conviction would have most certainly resulted in lengthy imprisonment on account of his rap sheet. Accordingly, our San Jose courthouse criminal defense attorneys fought from the very start to have the hit and run accusation thrown out. Our office was able to get a civil compromise where our client paid a small amount of restitution for the damage to the bus (no child or adult passengers were on the bus) at the time of the collision. Our client received an infraction and avoided a misdemeanor conviction. He also avoided any jailtime.


    Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians declines to take action against our client

    Our client, a registered nurse, was charged with driving under the influence in violation California vehicle code sections 23152(a) and 23152(b). As a result of our early, efficient and aggressive intervention in her criminal case, our West Covina Courthouse DUI attorneys were able to resolve the matter successfully. In addition to accomplishing the successful court resolution of her case, West Covina board of vocational nursing charges defense attorneys were able to prevent the board from taking adversarial action against our clients nursing license. Our client not only was able to avoid any jail time but is able to keep her vocational nursing license free and clear of any suspension or revocation.

  • Prosecutor dismisses child endangerment charge. Our client enters a plea of a lesser offense and no jail time

    Our client was charged with having used excessive force while disciplining his child. Our West Covina child endangerment charges defense attorneys went to work, arguing that our client was actually acting within the confines of his parental right to discipline and that he did not act unreasonably. A conviction of this magnitude would've carried up to one year in the county jail. Instead, the prosecutor dismissed the child endangerment charge, our client entered a plea to a lesser offense and no jail time was imposed.

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