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You are on this website because you have recently been arrested, investigated or you are currently facing charges in court and you’re looking for an attorney to fight your criminal charges. Or you may be here because you already have an attorney but you have no confidence in him or her and you’re looking for alternatives. You came to the right place.

We focus all of our attention on pushing for a total dismissal. Attorney Joe is one of the most aggressive attorneys in the United States when it comes to advocating for his clients and achieving dismissals. A general of his own legal army, Attorney Joe commands respect in the courts and leads a committed battalion of attorneys, field investigators and researchers. Are you ready to win? Are you serious about enlisting the most powerful criminal defense available to win your case? If so, call right now: 626-827–7222.

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Read Our Success Stories

Join the Thousands of Other Extremely Satisfied Clients. We Are Ready to Get Your Case Thrown Out.
  • “Drunk In Public” Misdemeanor Charge Dismissed
  • Dismissed 23152 (a) Completely Dismissed Despite Prior Record, High BAC and Collision
  • Client Was Not Arrested Allegation of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender: Corrected and Arrest Avoided
  • Able to Return to Normal Life and Pursue Career Another Client Spared From Lifetime Sex Offender Registration
  • Client spared from being incarcerated Arrest Warrant Recalled and Quashed
  • Arrest Warrant Terminated Arrest Warrant Terminated out of the Orange County Superior Court
  • Boating Under the Influence (BUI) Charge Not Filed Due to Early Attorney Intervention
  • Successfully Expunged California Weapons Charge Successfully Expunged
  • Child Endangerment Charges Dismissed (Also, Maximum Penalty on "Drug Possession for Sales" Avoided and Reduced Jail Time)
  • Client Released Client Allowed to go Home on a Lesser Charge and Probation After a Teenage Fight Became a Felony
  • Successful Resolution -- No Prison Client Charged with Multiple Counts of Violating Health and Safety Code 11351 HS "Possession of Cocaine for Sale" Law & Spared
  • Restitution Client facing charges of grand larceny in excess of over $20,000 receives no jail time and no probation
  • DISMISSED Complete Dismissal of Charges
  • Complete Dismissal of Hit and Run Charges at West Covina Courthouse
  • Reduced to Wet Reckless Court Throws Out DUI Charge; Reduction to Wet Reckless
  • Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Man Accused of Child Molestation Dismissed
  • Despite Inability to Perform Community Service, Our Client Avoids Jail Time (Jail Avoided)
  • Dismissed Dismissal of “Driving While Intoxicated“ and No Jail
  • Dismissal of Driving While Intoxicated Charge & Prevention of Battery On a Peace Officer Charge
  • Dismissed Dismissal of Shoplifting Charge From West Covina Mall
  • DMV Hearing Victory: Set-Aside of Drive License Suspension: No Suspension of License Despite DUI Arrest
  • DISMISSED Domestic violence case thrown out before first court appearance due to our early intervention
  • Avoided Jail Time and Excessive Fines Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk(shake): Driver Avoids Jail Time and Stiff Fines in Hit-and-Run Damage to Luxury Autos
  • DUI with .12 BAC Dismissed in Favor of Reduced No-Jail Charge
  • Early Termination of Probation Early Termination of Probation for PC290 Registrant - GRANTED
  • Successful negotiation on reduced sentence Failure To Register Allegation Vigorously Challenged: Years Of State Prison Avoided - Successfully Resolved
  • DISMISSED Failure to register as a sex offender charge dismissed
  • Dismissed Failure to Register as a Sex Offender Under PC 290 - CASE DISMISSED
  • Granted Federal Court Grants Early Termination of Probation - GRANTED
  • Probation Terminated Felony drug conviction probation terminated: court grants early termination of probation (as well as reduction to misdemeanor)
  • GRANTED Felony Probation for Registered Sex Offender Terminated: Motion to Terminate Probation Early
  • Dismissed Firearms Possession Charge Against our Security Guard Client
  • Ticket Dropped Firm Beats High-Priced Speeding Ticket Against Client
  • Frivolous Complaint (To Homeowners’ Association) by our Client’s Neighbor Defeated and Ruled in our Client’s Favor
  • Dismissed Hit And Run Against School Bus (With Property Damage Only)
  • Dismissed Hit and Run Dismissed, No Jail Time Despite High BAC
  • DISMISSED Jail Avoided for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender: No Custody at Arraignment Despite High Chance of Remand
  • Charges Reduced Jail Time Avoided, Client Gets Probation for “Wet Reckless”
  • WAIVED Man on probation with outstanding warrant receives significantly reduced sentence for felony evasion
  • PROFILE REMOVED Megan's Law Exclusion Application Approved -- Termination of Registered Sex Offender Profile
  • Dismissed Narcotic Possession Out of West Covina Courthouse
  • Neighbor Vandalism Charge Dismissed
  • REDUCED Nurse charged with DUI and refusal to submit breath test receives reduced sentence and refusal stricken.
  • Suspension Dismissed Nursing License Discipline and Suspension Dismissed
  • GRANTED Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation Granted
  • Granted Petition for Name Change Granted at Pomona Courthouse
  • Pomona Courthouse Community Labor Extension Successfully Achieved; Bench Warrant Avoided
  • Pomona Courthouse DUI With High BAC (.23/.24) successfully resolved, no jail-time; charge of violating CVC 23152(a) DISMISSED
  • Possession of Methamphetamine Charge Dismissed
  • No Charges Potential Probation Violation Squashed
  • Case Dismissed Probation Violation Dismissed
  • Prosecutor dismisses child endangerment charge. Our client enters a plea of a lesser offense and no jail time
  • Reckless driving charge against juvenile dismissed--case thrown out
  • Registered Sex Offender Probation Violation Successfully Resolved
  • REMOVED Sex Offender Profile Successfully Removed from Public Website
  • REMOVED Sex Offender Profile Successfully Removed from Public Website
  • Shoplifting Charge Not Filed Due to Early Attorney Intervention
  • Charges Dropped Spared From Life in Prison On Sex Crimes Accusation
  • Spared From Life in Prison On Sex Crimes Accusation
  • Never Had to Register as Sex Offender Spared From Lifetime Sex Offender Registration
  • No Jail Time Successful DUI Result With .19 BAC (Double The Legal Limit-Plus-Three)
  • Client Can Now Freely Visit with His Family Termination of Oppressive Federal Probation Conditions In Sex Offender Case
  • Traffic Trial by Declaration Granted and Our Client Ruled “Not Guilty”
  • Case Dismissed West Covina Vehicle Code Violation Dismissal
  • Client Released From Custody; No Charges Filed Young Man Accused of Rape
  • Client Released-No Charges Young Man Arrested for Felony Firearm Possession; We Intervene and Case Gets Dropped
  • REDUCED Young man facing charges of drunk in public is granted diversion
  • Expunged Young Man Gets a Second Change on Life and Employability as We Secure Expungement

Meet Top Attorney
Joe Coimbra

A Proven Track Record of Dismissals. Dedicated to Getting Your Charges Dismissed, Too!

Attorney Joe Coimbra has nearly 20 years of legal experience and has devoted his practice to solely handling criminal defense matters. In this time, he has represented clients throughout all of California’s Superior Courthouses and secured an impressive record of dismissals, reductions, and acquittals by way of negotiation and litigation. Also, Mr. Coimbra has also successfully represented clients in federal courts. Click here to read more of his success stories.

Mr. Coimbra was trained extensively by former prosecutors and a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, who are considered to be legal experts in the field. As a testament to his tireless commitment to the utmost standards of professionalism and legal advocacy, he has been named as a Top Attorney by Pasadena Magazine for 4 years (2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017), the Lawyer of Distinction Award (given to less than 10% of all American Lawyers), and Top Attorney 2017 as well.

Coimbra Law Firm Difference

Do You Have Court Tomorrow Morning? Next Week? Next Month?
We Can Meet You to Discuss and Go to Court for You ASAP

From the very second that you are investigated, arrested or interrogated, the clock is ticking. Law enforcement and the prosecutor are mobilizing and their only goal is your incarceration and conviction. Operating without qualified and aggressive criminal defense counsel is a recipe for your own destruction and the potentially irreversible loss of your freedom. Attorney Joe Coimbra is ready to destroy the criminal accusation against you through peerless criminal defense strategy and legal warfare.


With a combined three-and-a-half decades of legal industry experience, Coimbra Law Firm, APC is ready to use its vast resources, talent and peerless brilliance to destroy the criminal accusation against you.

  • Focus on Early Action, Intervention, Defeat, and Dismissal
  • Successful Results in All California Superior Courthouses
  • Decades of Combined
    Legal Experience
    Working for You
  • Thousands of Clients Represented Throughout California
  • Stay Up-To-Date on All Appellate Decisions & Legal Stratagems
  • Providing Maximum Competence, Diligence & Persistence

How Our Firm
Can Help Protect You

We Believe the Best Defense Is an Effective Offense

Too often, other criminal defense lawyers may view their role in the attorney-client relationship as one where the lawyer must never condescend to the level of their client, keeping them an arm’s distance from recent case developments. As an accomplished firm, we take the exact opposite approach and stay relentlessly devoted to our clients and their best interests.

Every member of our team is committed to seeing your case through to a favorable end. To accomplish this, we coordinate our talents, much like a unified team, to produce a defensive strategy that confronts any legal accusation hurled your way. Acting immediately after an arrest can be the most powerful aspect of your defense strategy. Call our West Covina criminal defense lawyers.

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