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    • Jail Avoided for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender: No Custody at Arraignment Despite High Chance of Remand - Sex Crimes DISMISSED

      Our client was accused of failure to register as a sex offender while on a college campus in violation of California Penal Code Section 290(b). The court issued notices regarding the necessity of his appearance in court, each time being told he needed to return until ultimately (he feared) that a warrant was issued for his arrest (despite repeated attendance). Our failure to register defense attorneys sprung into action, appearing each time, and then finally at his arraignment that took place in December 2017. We ensured that our client would not be remanded into custody. He walked out of the courthouse free and clear from any bench warrant. Our failure to register defense attorneys will be defending his case and we have vowed to secure a successful resolution. What a great start to the defense of his case: remand into custody AVOIDED.

    • San Joaquin County Man Accused of Lewd and Lascivious Acts on a Minor under the age of 14 years - Sex Crimes Charge Dismissed

      Our client, a man in his 60s, a father and husband with a good reputation who is also a Vietnam war veteran, was accused (and we believe falsely) of having molested a 12-year-old girl. Our Stockton sex crimes defense attorneys were able to uncover that the accusing party was probably the child’s mother, who had a history of making false allegations and who likely coached the minor out of resentment against our client for a variety of reasons. Our sex crimes defense lawyers in Stockton filed a variety of motions, brought to the government’s attention the accusing party’s mother’s well-documented history of using her daughter as a (metaphorical) “cudgel” to make false accusations, uncovered prosecutorial misconduct, and successfully challenged the factual narrative against our client. Because Penal Code section 290 makes lifetime sex offender registration mandatory for a conviction involving lewd and lascivious acts (Penal Code section 288(a)), our Attorneys successfully negotiated a reduction to a non-sexual simple battery, which does NOT trigger mandatory lifetime sex offender registration. We convinced the prosecutor to drop the lewd and lascivious acts charge altogether. We were also able to get the maximum amount of custody credits for our client, so much so that he was released nearly a year before his scheduled release date. Our client was pleasantly surprised at how much earlier he would be released than initially thought. He is now back home with his family, never having to register as a sex offender a day in his life.

    • Motion for Early Termination for Registered Sex Offender Client Granted - Sex Crimes Motion Granted

      Our Los Angeles Superior Court Sex Offender Defense Attorneys prepared a Motion to Terminate Probation Early for our Registered Sex Offender Client. Given his registered status and the underlying nature of the offense, the odds against our client were high, particularly since he had previously been represented by a different lawyer whose representation resulted in the conviction and lifetime sex offender registration . Despite the odds, our Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys impressed upon the court that our client had met and kept his promises and obligation to the court and demonstrated positive and rehabilitative conduct on his behalf. In addition to that, we have been able to have his sex offender information and profile removed from numerous privately-owned websites, helping him to reestablish his anonymity and privacy. Our client is immensely happy.

    • Termination of Oppressive Federal Probation Conditions In Sex Offender Case - Sex Crimes Client Can Now Freely Visit with His Family

      Federal probation officer imposed oppressive and unreasonable geographic restrictions on our client, J.H., which prevented him from visiting his family in San Diego County. Our federal sex crimes attorneys aggressively pursued modification of probation conditions so that he would not be subject to these far-reaching conditions. We won. Our client can now freely visit with his family.

    • Spared From Lifetime Sex Offender Registration - Sex Crimes Never Had to Register as Sex Offender

      Client, C. R., was represented by the public defender and sustained a conviction for violation of the California Penal Code. The court erroneously imposed penal code 290 lifetime sex offender registration. His probation officer was about to violate him for failure to register as a sex offender. Our sex crimes defense attorneys quickly mobilized and obtained a "nunc pro tunc" order showing that lifetime sex offender registration order was in error. Before probation could violate our client, we submitted this order with probation office. C.R. never had to register as a sex offender due to our swift and skilled action.

    • Spared From Life in Prison On Sex Crimes Accusation - Sex Crimes Charges Dropped

      Our client, C.G., was accused of sexual misconduct by a family member. We filed a flurry of legal motions and actively engaged in the negotiating process with the prosecutor. Through the discovery process, we found out that accuser had falsely accused her own mother of having hit her, thereby damaging her credibility and putting the integrity of her accusation against our client into question. Our client initially faced potential life in prison. The vast majority of the charges were dropped with only one remaining. C.G. given comparatively negligible custody commitment.

    • Another Client Spared From Lifetime Sex Offender Registration - Sex Crimes Able to Return to Normal Life and Pursue Career

      Client, M.L., was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct in violation of California Penal Code section 288(a). He stood to lose everything he ever worked for, including a stellar background in finance. Prosecutor was adamant that he should register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Our lewd and lascivious conduct defense attorneys aggressively challenged the allegations. We persuaded prosecutor to drop the 288(a). Client was spared prison and lifetime sex offender registration. He was able to return to his normal life and pursue his career.

    • Spared From Life in Prison On Sex Crimes Accusation - Sex Crimes

      Client J.G. accused of having had sex with a minor. Case was charged as lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor even though it should have been charged as statutory rape. Our office aggressively engaged in the negotiation process. Maximum exposure in for J.G. would have been 64 years in state prison. He will be out in less than five.

    • Failure To Register Allegation Vigorously Challenged: Years Of State Prison Avoided - Successfully Resolved - Sex Crimes Successful negotiation on reduced sentence

      Our client faced potentially up to 6 years in prison (3 years high term times two because of prior strike) for failing to report a change in address, as is required of § 290 registrants. Instead, he will be going home in less than 190 days, due to the diligent efforts of our sex crimes defense attorneys. And his family cannot wait to celebrate! Our client was arrested on his 73 rd birthday. He was registered at one address but had been caring for his ailing mother at least twice a week at another address, which authorities felt triggered a registration violation. Our sex crimes defense lawyers successfully negotiated with prosecutors and the court to not only cut in half a proposed sentence term but then double our client’s custody credits, resulting in a sentence of about 6 months before factoring in the credit for time already served. Our client will be home well before his next birthday and in time to continue caring for his mother.

    • Rape Accusation Charge Dismissed - Sex Crimes Client Released From Custody; No Charges Filed

      A family approached our office after being stunned at the results we were able to get for other people who have been accused of heinous crimes. They told us the sad tale of a young man in their family who had been falsely accused of a rape (California Penal Code 261) by a young woman. Our West Covina rape charges defense attorneys sprung into action, visiting our client in custody immediately and intervening early on in the process. As a result of our swift and immediate action, our client was released and no charges will be pursued. Moreover, as a result of our early intervention, our client will never have to register as a sex offender.

    • Potential Probation Violation Squashed - Sex Crimes No Charges

      Our client, a registered sex offender Who is on federal probation, was confronted by his probation officer on bogus allegations that could have led to severe repercussions in criminal court. Our West Covina probation violation defense attorneys accompanied him during his meeting with his probation officer. On account of our effective representation skills, we prevented him from going into custody or otherwise suffering any adverse criminal consequences.

    • Megan's Law Exclusion Application Approved -- Termination of Registered Sex Offender Profile - Sex Crimes PROFILE REMOVED

      Client was previously convicted of having violated Penal Code sections 288(a) and 311.11, also known, respectively, as lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor and possession of obscene materials. The complaining witness was client's minor stepchild. Our office submitted a powerful legal argument supported by a significant amount of compelling documentation, including a favorable psychiatric evaluation of our client. The Department of Justice granted our petition and our client's online Megan's Law profile has since been removed.

    • Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Man Accused of Child Molestation Dismissed - Sex Crimes

      Our client was accused by the alleged victim's mother of having molested her underage daughter, known as lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor under 14 years old. Our sex crimes defense attorneys challenged the investigating officer and the prosecutor to produce forensic evidence to match up the verbal accusation. It became clear the government could not produce such evidence. Accordingly, our California sex crimes defense lawyers shut down the investigation and prosecution against our client. After approximately one year after the case opening up for investigation, The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office issued a "DA reject", refusing to pursue the matter on account of a lack of evidence. Considering that this easily could have led to lifetime sex offender registration for our client, as well as significant state prison time, this is an amazing victory.

    • Registered Sex Offender Probation Violation Successfully Resolved - Sex Crimes

      Our client, a registered sex offender, was facing the imposition of a suspended sentence potentially approaching a decade of prison time. He was accused of having violated one of the conditions of his probation, which is not to use any social media. We argued that our client's use of social media had nothing to do with any illicit, sexual or unlawful purpose despite the condition and also argued the constitutionality of such a condition, among other arguments. The court did not impose either middle or high term but instead, the lowest possible term. Client got maximum custody credits, the lowest available custody time and the matter resolved successfully and to the great satisfaction of our client.

    • Sex Offender Profile Successfully Removed from Public Website - Sex Crimes REMOVED

      Our client, a registered sex offender under California Penal Code 290, was being subjected to public disclosure of his private information. His personal profile was posted on privately-owned website that published his home address, as well as other sensitive contact information. Our sex crimes defense attorneys sprung into action argued that this presented a potential danger to his personal safety, among other persuasive legal arguments. The website complied with our request and took down his profile.

    • Motion to terminate probation early for registered sex offender - Sex Crimes Motion Granted

      Our client, who was convicted through prior counsel of a PC 290-registrable offense, possession of obscene images involving minor (311.11(a) PC) came to our office so that we can represent him before the court to terminate his probation early. This can be especially challenging given the extremely-controversial nature of the underlying conviction. We referred him to a mental health expert, who evaluated him and was able to determine that our client does not sustain any discernible risk of reoffending. We argued vehemently for his probation to be terminated early. The court granted the motion despite the odds. (We are also in the process of having him removed from various websites that are violating his privacy by publishing his conviction information.)

    • Felony reduced to misdemeanor for sex offender - Sex Crimes Reduced

      Our client had previously been convicted (with prior counsel) for having been in possession of obscene materials involving minors. Through scholarly legal argument and analysis, our post-conviction sex crime defense attorneys petitioned the court to reduce his felony conviction to a misdemeanor. The court granted our petition under Penal Code section 17(b). As a result of our victory for him, our client will be able to petition for removal from the lifetime sex offender registry where he otherwise would have stayed there for the rest of his life.

    • Motion to terminate probation early and reduce felony to misdemeanor granted for our Registered Sex Offender client - Sex Crimes Misdemeanor Granted

      Our client, who is convicted many years ago of an offense it requires him to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code section 290, came to us due to the extremely burdensome conditions of his probation. We undertook representation, Crafting a powerful and compelling legal argument (with supporting exhibits) arguing that he should not only be taken off probation early, but that his felony conviction under Penal Code section 311.11 (A) should be reduced to a misdemeanor. Both motions were granted. He will now qualify, if he decides to do so, to be able to petition to be removed from the lifetime sex offender registry after the new tiered registry law (formerly known as Senate Bill 384) takes effect. Had we not helped him, he would have remained in the lifetime tier without any hope of being able to get off the registry. Fortunately, our intervention will give him the pathway necessary to pursue removal from the registry should he decide to pursue relief under the new law. In the meantime, he no longer has to live under the onerous requirements of felony probation.

    • Registered Sex Offender Client Wins Expungement of Criminal Conviction - Expungement Expungement Granted

      Our client, a registered sex offender, approached our office because he wanted to clean up as much of his record as possible in anticipation of the new Tiered Registry Law. He wants to be able to make a good impression on the judge as someone responsible enough to clean up his record before petitioning to be removed from the registry. To that end, we very aggressively pursued an expungement of a hit-and-run conviction on his record, a violation of California Vehicle Code section 20002(a). Naturally, the odds were against us by virtue of our client’s registered sex offender status, in addition to the somewhat notorious nature of the hit-and-run conviction itself. Despite the odds, our Torrance criminal courthouse defense attorneys succeeded in persuading the judge to grant our 1203.4 Penal Code section petition for dismissal.

    • Complete Dismissal of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender Prosecution Out of the San Jose Courthouse - Failure to Register Total Dismissal

      Our client, a registered sex offender, was alleged to have violated Penal Code section 290, which requires that he register annually as a sex offender for life. The consequences of the conviction would have been dire given that the underlying conviction was for a felony, meaning that he could’ve gotten up to three years in a California state prison if convicted. Our Santa Clara county sex crimes defense attorneys aggressively defended him in court. As a consequence of our early and diligent representation, the San Jose courthouse dismissed the criminal complaint pursuant to California Penal Code section 1385, also known as “a dismissal in furtherance of justice.”

    • Convictions for “Failure to Register as a Sex Offender" Successfully Expunged Despite Strenuous Orange County DA Opposition - Expungement Expunged

      Our Orange County courthouse sex offender defense attorneys filed an expungement petition pursuant to California Penal Code section 1203.4. Specifically, we petitioned to expunge our client’s convictions under California Penal Code section 290.012(b), failure to register as a sex offender every 90 days minimum, and California Penal Code section 290.18 (f), mandating imprisonment for up to one year for registration violations. We were notified of the hearing set for our expungement petition on the eve of the hearing! In addition to that, the prosecutor, in effect, conducted “trial by ambush“ by submitting their opposition to our motion close to midnight of the day preceding the hearing on the petition! As you can imagine, we had to mobilize at lightning speed against such unfavorable odds, and such unfair tactics by the government. We resourcefully prepared a powerful counterargument to the prosecutor’s frivolous opposition. After a long day wherein the hearing was first continued from one day to the next and then from the morning to the afternoon, our Orange County sex offender defense law firm hit back with powerful legal arguments, prevailing upon the court to grant our client’s petition, expunging these very terrible convictions from his record. To the degree our client may be eligible, we can now look toward the new Tiered Registry Law slated for implementation in 2021, with the “wind in our sails” (having gained momentum from this important victory) and with the hope of removing our client from the Sex Offender Registry altogether!

    • Our client, who desperately needed privacy, removed from Zabasearch Removal Approved

      A gentleman came to our office, greatly distressed that his information appeared on Zabasearch, a website that publishes highly sensitive private contact information and other delicate personal data. Zabasearch is also notorious for being difficult, if not impossible, to persuade to remove people’s personal information. The reason for his distress largely emanated from the fact that his job involves security and, given the type of persons to which he is exposed as part of his security job. Our West Covina website information removal attorneys approached Zabasearch with a very sensible request to remove our client’s information. They initially refused and largely “passed the buck“, saying that they were not responsible for the posting of that information but rather, a third-party had posted it and there was nothing they could do. We did not give up. We contacted them a second time but on a pre-litigation basis, effectively preparing the materials it would take to file suit in federal court and communicating our intent to imminently proceed with a lawsuit against them. Only a few days after, Zabasearch removed the entirety of our client's information. He now feels much safer than he did when Zabasearch published incredibly sensitive details about his life. He is very happy with our service.

    • Battery (Cal. Pen. Code 242 PC) Conviction Successfully Expunged: Conviction Dismissed - Expungement Dismissed

      Our client, a successful personal trainer, was unable to continue gym operations due to the coronavirus pandemic closure. He had no choice but to temporarily pursue employment. As a fluent English and Spanish speaker, he wanted to provide translation services for an online employer but, in order to do so, he would have had to disclose his past conviction for battery, a violation of California Penal Code Section 242 PC, which would have greatly reduced his chances of being hired. What's more, in order not to fall behind on his finances, he would have to secure employment immediately or as soon as possible. Our Alhambra Courthouse Expungement Attorneys immediately but thoroughly packaged a 1203.4 application with a Memorandum of Points and Authorities that included an argument for "expedited consideration." Despite the odds against our client, the court GRANTED the Petition and without the necessity of a hearing, to boot (which we believe was on account of the prima facie persuasiveness of our motion). Our client is ecstatic because he is no longer saddled under the weight of his past criminal conviction.

    • Amador County Criminal Court grants Petition for Expungement for our California Sex Offender client: Conviction DISMISSED - Expungement Dismissed

      Our Amador County sex crimes defense attorneys undertook representation of a convicted California sex offender who is seeking to clean his record in anticipation of the New Tiered Registry Law slated to take effect in 2021. Due to the legal and moral stigma associated with our client’s sex offender status, the odds were stacked against him from the get-go. Despite this, our Amador County criminal defense attorneys prepared a powerful petition, backed up by a formidable legal presence in court. As a consequence of our advocacy, the Amador County Superior Court approved a petition to dismiss — in furtherance of justice per Penal Code section 1203.4(a)— a past conviction of driving with a suspended or revoked license, a violation of California vehicle code section 14601.1 (A). Our client is elated that he will likely stand a much better chance of successfully petitioning to come off the sex offender registry given that this victory softened the blow of a past conviction on his record.

    • Felony Drug Trafficking Charge Against Our Undocumented Immigrant Client; Avoids Prison, Deportation and a Felony Conviction - Drug Crimes Charges Reduced

      Our client was charged with having violated California Health and Safety Code 11360 HS, which makes it a crime to sell, give away, import into the state, or transport for sale any amount of marijuana without a state license (and any required local licenses). A felony conviction would have made our client’s imprisonment and deportation a virtual certainty. Our Victorville courthouse drug trafficking charges defense attorneys investigated and uncovered severe deficiencies in the evidence against our client. Our attorneys gained the leverage needed to command an outcome of our choosing, namely, no felony plea, no jail, prison or any custody whatsoever. We were also able to achieve a simple misdemeanor plea where our client would not be admitting to the facts alleged against him, and the trafficking allegation was reduced to “giving away” rather than “selling” contraband, a distinction that is consummately important in avoiding deportation. Our client is happy and satisfied beyond words.

    • San Joaquin County Criminal Court Grants Expungement for our California Sex Offender Client: Multiple Convictions DISMISSED - Expungement Dismissed

      Our Amador County sex crimes defense attorneys undertook representation of a convicted California sex offender who is seeking to clean his record in anticipation of the New Tiered Registry Law slated to take effect in 2021. Due to the legal and moral stigma associated with our client’s sex offender status, the odds were stacked against him from the get-go. Despite this, our San Joaquin County criminal defense attorneys prepared a powerful petition, backed up by a formidable legal presence in court. As a consequence of our advocacy, the San Joaquin County Superior Court approved a petition to dismiss — in furtherance of justice per Penal Code section 1203.4(a)— multiple past convictions that include the following: driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher, a violation of California vehicle code section 23152(b) VC; driving with a suspended or revoked license, a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 14601.1(a) VC; failure to appear in court when required to do so, a violation of California Penal Code section 1320 PC; failure to appear in court when required to do so in a traffic violation, a violation of California Vehicle Code section 40508. Our client is elated that he will likely stand a much better chance of successfully petitioning to come off the sex offender registry given that this victory softened the blow of various past convictions on his record.

    • Young woman avoids going into custody despite $25,000 felony arrest warrant for domestic violence - Assault Released Without Incident

      Our client, a young woman from San Jose, came to our office after learning that the San Jose Police Department had gotten the Santa Clara Superior Court to issue a felony arrest warrant in the amount of $25,000. Our client was suspected of having committed felony domestic battery, a violation of California Penal Code Section 273.5. Our San Jose domestic violence defense attorneys sprung into action, first visiting the courthouse and then accompanying our client to the Santa Clara Sheriff's Department. There, in our attempt to do everything possible for our client not to go into custody (but, by the same token) address the outstanding warrant, our Santa Clara criminal defense attorney was able to secure a bail bondsman to show up. Our client's father paid a mere 7% (as opposed to the usual 10% premium). After having her information collected and going through the booking process, our client was released without incident and was able to go home without ever having to be arrested.

    • Complete dismissal of DMV license suspension action against our client; suspension DISMISSED Dismissed

      Our client, a restauranteur, picked up a DUI, violation of California Vehicle Code Section 23152. Our Covina driver safety DUI DMV hearing attorneys Intervened early on in the case and convinced the DMV to set aside any license suspension action against our client. Sure enough, we prevailed and our client’s license remains intact, allowing him to drive with no problems.

    • Boating Under the Influence (BUI) Dismissed - Boating Under the Influence (BUI) Dismissed

      Our client, a young man residing out of state with a promising future medical vocational career, was busted for having violated Harbors and Navigations Code 655, otherwise known as “Boating Under the Influence”. Jail, prison and a conviction for 2 BUI counts could have devastated his chances of getting the career of his dreams in the future. Our Victorville BUI defense attorneys went to work. As a result of our involvement in the case, our client walked away without one day in jail and with a measles 8-hour safety course to take. The remaining BUI count was completely dismissed.

    • Speeding Infraction CVC 22349 Dismissed at Traffic Trial - Traffic Tickets Dismissed

      Police apprehended our client for doing 90 mph in a 45 mile an hour zone. Our client is a man who frequently takes his father to his doctor on account of advanced chronic illnesses such as diabetes, kidney dysfunction, etc. Thus, losing his license or picking up a point on his driving record would have devastated his ability to continue driving his father to these vital appointments. Our West Covina speeding ticket defense attorneys sprung into action. The citing police officer attended the traffic trial. Our traffic ticket defense attorneys prevailed on the citation and our client’s case was dismissed outright. No fines. No point on driving record. No jail. No anything. Case dismissed.

    • DUI with BAC. of .20 , Dismissal of 23152(a) Driving While Intoxicated, No Jail Time and Reduced Terms - DUI Dismissed

      Our client, an EMT technician, was arrested for having driven under the influence. It was later determined that his blood alcohol content was .20, which is over double the legal limit, almost 3 times the legal limit, in fact. Our West Covina high BAC DUI defense attorneys amassed bargaining power against the government, discovering the vast inconsistencies in the police officer’s report that called into question our client’s guilt. What, at first hand, appeared to be a case that would resolve with extensive county jail time because of the extremely high blood alcohol content, ended up resolving in a dismissal of count one, driving while under the influence of alcohol, and a non-jail time resolution of the rest with greatly-reduced terms. Our client is tremendously satisfied and grateful for our hard work, which we are happy and honored to undertake on behalf of our clients.

    • Arrest Warrant Terminated out of the Orange County Superior Court Arrest Warrant Terminated

      A young lady came to our office after having received a terrifying letter from the Anaheim police department indicating that there was a warrant for her arrest on account of a missed court appearance. Needless to say, our client, a young mother, shivered with horror upon receiving this potentially life-changing correspondence from the police. Our Fullerton Courthouse criminal defense attorneys swung into action immediately. We quickly began the investigation of the case into the nature of the charges and prepared, for the better part of 72 hours, to face the court and to attempt to get the warrant terminated. Our attorney showed up with our client, who was physically nervous, shivering and jittering at the very real probability that she was going to go into custody. Thankfully, her fears were ultimately relieved: our Fullerton warrant recall defense attorney was able to persuade the court to dismiss the warrant. Our attorney, through masterful rhetoric, laid out the case for the termination of the warrant. Our client was released on her own recognizance without having had to pay one cent of an otherwise $25,000 bail. She became emotional in the hallway outside the court, expressing sheer gratitude that we were able to spare her from the living hell of jail.

    • Early Termination of Probation for PC290 Registrant - GRANTED - Early Termination of Probation Early Termination of Probation

      Our client, a registered sex offender under Penal Code 290, came to us in order to seek early termination of his probation. His probation officer refused to issue a recommendation that our client’s probation be terminated. Despite the probation officer’s opposition, our West Covina early termination of probation attorneys persuaded the court to terminate our client’s probation early. He is no longer under the thumb of his probation officer and is free of the burdensome probation conditions that he used to have.

    • 23152 (a) Completely Dismissed Despite Prior Record, High BAC and Collision - DUI Dismissed

      Our client was charged with drunk driving. The odds were stacked against him from the beginning on account of prior DUI convictions, high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and a collision with vehicles. Our Riverside County DUI defense attorneys sprung into action and argued for a dismissal or reduction. Prosecution AGREED to a dismissal of the DWI count and no-incarceration plea to the “b” count. Due to our results-driven work, our Riverside Hall of Justice drunk driving defense attorneys prevented any jail time for our client.

    • Complete Dismissal of Charges - DUI DISMISSED

      Our client, a young man who relies on his vehicle transportation for his job, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, a violation of California vehicle code section 23152 (a) and driving with a .08 percentage of blood alcohol concentration, in violation of California vehicle code section 23152(b). Our West Covina courthouse drunk driving defense attorneys swung into action early and aggressively. As a result of our efforts, the West Covina district attorney rejected the filing of any case against our client. Simply put, we procured the total dismissal of his case. No plea deal. Just straight up dismissal.

    • Federal Court Grants Early Termination of Probation - GRANTED - Early Termination of Probation Granted

      At the hearing to end probation early on a federal child pornography conviction, our client’s probation officer rattled off a list of supposed violations before the judge. Admittedly our client, who was sentenced to 8 years probation after his prison sentence, presented a few challenges, including an episode where his computer was seized while on probation. However, our attorneys were ready. The Judge had a strong Motion before him, detailing our client’s rehabilitative growth, renewed spirituality, and recognized leadership roles in various support groups. Our attorney at the hearing aggressively attacked the merits of the purported violations. Ultimately, the Judge saw that our client had made progress and no longer posed a threat to warrant continued probation. His Order: EARLY TERMINATION OF SUPERVISED RELEASE GRANTED.

    • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender Under PC 290 - CASE DISMISSED - Failure to Register Dismissed

      Our client recently married, received a job promotion, and was looking forward to other promising opportunities after years of hardship, heartache, and struggle. He felt that finally, his life was approaching a hopeful turning point. Then, he was arrested.

      Even though he had been fully compliant with his sex offender registrations over the years—reporting changes in addresses and reporting annually— and even though he had committed no offenses since his conviction (which stemmed from his own childhood exploitation), our client was charged in Santa Clara County for allegedly violating Penal Code section 290.009.

      The misdemeanor offense stated that “[a]ny person required to register under the [Sex Offender Registration] Act who is enrolled as a student or is an employee or carries on a vocation, with or without compensation, at an institution of higher learning in this state, shall register pursuant to the provisions of the Act.” Our client was not enrolled as a student nor was he employed at the school; he simply volunteered every so often with a religious organization that appeared on a university campus. Neither he nor the entity was affiliated with the school.

      The prosecutor offered 90 days in jail, two years of probation, and other court-related fines to resolve the case. However, the team at Coimbra Law Firm, APC, diligently attacked each element of the prosecutor’s case – and, ultimately, the case against our client was DISMISSED.

    • Court Throws Out DUI Charge; Reduction to Wet Reckless - DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless

      Our client, a young man, could have faced potential jail time, significant fines and fees, probation, and a minimum of TEN YEARS of raised insurance premiums...had he not made the astute decision of HIRING the Award-Winning DUI Defense Law Firm, Coimbra Law Firm. Due to our diligent efforts VERY early on in the case, our DUI defense lawyer persuaded the prosecutor to THROW OUT the DUI charge in favor of a reduced wet reckless count.

      The young man, who works in construction, was given NO JAIL TIME, and, instead, must only fulfill some reasonable court obligations and summary probation. The resolution did NOT result in a suspension his license, which would have occurred had he been convicted of the original charges of violating Vehicle Code sections 23152(A), driving under the influence, and 23152(B), driving with a blood-alcohol-level of 0.08 % or more.

    • Successful DUI Result With .19 BAC (Double The Legal Limit-Plus-Three) - DUI No Jail Time

      Our client, T.K., was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a .08 percent BAC or higher. Client is a professional with much to lose. On account of the unusually high blood alcohol concentration, prosecutor wanted extended alcohol program and also jail time. Due to our high level of drunk driving defense legal skill, we persuaded prosecutor to drop the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol and to drop jail time as part of the resolution of the case.

    • West Covina Vehicle Code Violation Dismissal - Traffic Tickets Case Dismissed

      Glendora police officer stopped defendants vehicle. After an abrasive and rude encounter with our client, police officer cited her for vehicle code violation that could have had a significant impact on her California drivers license record if convicted. Our office moved swiftly, diligently and aggressively in the direction of a complete dismissal. Our West Covina vehicle code violation defense attorneys filed a motion compelling discovery and motion for a dismissal. The police officer responded with a late and tardy response that left much to be desired both substantively and procedurally. We argued for a dismissal West Covina court threw out the citation and case was dismissed.

    • Probation Violation Dismissed - Early Termination of Probation Case Dismissed

      Client had been represented by public defender and was given onerous probation terms, including a one-year inpatient drug rehabilitation program. Client complained about being exploited by the program, made to work and being under tight control. He AWOL'ed and found out that he had a warrant for his arrest for leaving the program. Our probation violation defense attorneys swept in and not only had the warrant recalled and quashed (i.e., terminated); our firm also got him re-enrolled into an outpatient program with extremely reasonable terms so that he could serve out his drug rehabilitation without incident. Probation violation and potentially long prison sentence totally avoided.

    • DUI with .12 BAC Dismissed in Favor of Reduced No-Jail Charge - DUI

      A young man with a career in banking, who also seeks to go to law school someday, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in violation of California Vehicle Code 23152a and Driving with .08 BAC or higher, in violation of California Vehicle Code 23152b. Our Van Nuys courthouse DUI defense attorneys swept into action and challenged the field sobriety test, the officer's statement and the forensic evidence the prosecutor had amassed against him. Through diligent defense work and negotiating skill, our DUI defense attorneys achieved a DISMISSAL of his DUI charge. Matter resolved for a lesser plea and client served no jail time and his driving record was not besmirched by any DUI conviction.

    • Client Charged with Multiple Counts of Violating Health and Safety Code 11351 HS "Possession of Cocaine for Sale" Law & Spared - Drug Crimes Successful Resolution -- No Prison

      Client was faced with a felony charge for cocaine possession for sale out of the Alhambra courthouse in the San Gabriel Valley. He was looking at nearly a decade in a California State Prison. Our Alhambra courthouse criminal defense attorneys swept into action, forcefully challenging the evidence through powerful legal motion work and negotiation. Our determined defense work saved client from having to serve out 9 years in prison. He was released with no custody.

    • Dismissal of Driving While Intoxicated Charge & Prevention of Battery On a Peace Officer Charge - DUI

      Our client, a member of the police department, was arrested for suspected driving while intoxicated in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 23152(a). The circumstances of his arrest included altercation with fellow police officers and the prosecutor had ample opportunity to file battery on a police office (a violation of California Penal Code 243(b) and 243(c)). At minimum, the prosecutor could have filed resisting arrest, a violation of California Penal Code 148(a)(1). However, due to our early and aggressive intervention, the prosecutor never filed any such charges though it would have had good reason to do so. They also dismissed the DWI count. Matter resolved for lesser plea. Client served absolutely no jail time on account of this resolution. Another successful result.

    • Arrest Warrant Recalled and Quashed Client spared from being incarcerated

      Our client, S.M., who was investigated for financial fraud accusation, was the subject of an arrest warrant at Rancho Cucamonga courthouse. Our Rancho Cucamonga courthouse criminal defense attorneys swept into action and had the court terminate the warrant. Client could have spent the remainder of her criminal proceedings in custody but, thanks to our swift and effective challenge of the warrant, client obtained O.R. release.

    • Neighbor Vandalism Charge Dismissed

      Our client came to us dismayed that he was accused of vandalism (a violation of California Penal Code 594), which could've been prosecuted as a felony because of potential high monetary amount of the alleged property damage. He was intoxicated at the time the alleged vandalism occurred, which included extensive damage to a front window of his neighbors home. Our West Covina vandalism defense attorneys sprang into action, spearheading a legal defense effort months in advance of his court date. Exclusively as a result of our early and aggressive criminal defense intervention, the prosecutor declined to prosecute the case. Case dismissed even before the arraignment.

    • Possession of Methamphetamine Charge Dismissed - Drug Crimes

      Our West Covina drug defense attorneys represented a young man of college age after he was arrested and cited for possession of methamphetamine, a violation of California Health and Safety Code section 11377. Due to our early intervention, our West Covina meth possession defense lawyers were able to have the matter charged as a misdemeanor rather than a felony prior to filing. But we didn't stop there. We negotiated a settlement for drug diversion under PC 1000. Our client took a 20 day drug diversion course, maintained an arrest-free record. Judge dismissed of the matter. Not only was our young client able to avoid any jail time, but he will have no criminal record of this case.

    • Nurse charged with DUI and refusal to submit breath test receives reduced sentence and refusal stricken. - DUI REDUCED

      Our client, a nurse who received a DUI, was facing charges for both DUI and refusal to submit for BAC testing. Our attorneys worked arduously even before the arraignment by submitting mitigation materials to the DA prior to filing. Our attorneys were able to secure a deal which pleased the client, including having the refusal charge stricken. The client received credits toward her overall sentence, a reduced fine, and the minimum program required for a DUI conviction. In addition, the client was able to plead no contest, as opposed to guilty, for the reduced sentence.

    • Young man facing charges of drunk in public is granted diversion - Public Intoxication REDUCED

      Our attorneys were successful in securing diversion for a client facing charges for being drunk in public. He will only have to perform a minimal amount of community labor, and will be granted a dismissal upon completion of this reduced punishment.

    • Client facing charges of grand larceny in excess of over $20,000 receives no jail time and no probation - Theft Restitution

      After our attorneys went to bat for this client, the DA agreed to allow our client to pay restitution in exchange for no jail time, no community labor, and no probation. This is a huge success, especially given the amount in controversy and aggravating circumstances involved in the alleged crime.

    • Man on probation with outstanding warrant receives significantly reduced sentence for felony evasion - Early Termination of Probation WAIVED

      Our client, a man with an extensive criminal background, was charged with felony evasion after fleeing from a traffic stop. At the time, he was not only on probation, but he also had a warrant. He was facing a sentence of 3 years in state prison, in addition to an enhanced sentence for the probation violation. Our attorneys were able to secure a deal where the client will only serve 9 months in county jail and will later be placed in a drug rehabilitation program. The court agreed to waive additional punishment for the probation violation and the warrant at issue.

    • Failure to register as a sex offender charge dismissed - Failure to Register DISMISSED

      Our client, a registered sex offender, was accused of having failed to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code section 290.01(a)(1). Our sex crimes defense attorneys sprung into action, reached out immediately to the prosecutor and represented our client in court. The prosecutor dismissed of the accusation. Our client could have face to multiple years in the state prison for this alleged violation. Instead, and our failure to register charges lawyers got the matter thrown out.

    • Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation Granted - Certificate of Rehabilitation GRANTED

      Our client, who had sustained multiple prior convictions, was anxious to obtain a certificate of rehabilitation to have certain legal rights restored. Our postconviction criminal defense attorneys put together a compelling legal argument and various supporting exhibits to convince the court to grant our client's petition. We appeared in department 100 of the Los Angeles Superior Court, made the oral argument on behalf of our client in support of the petition. The judge granted our client's certificate of rehabilitation.

    • Domestic violence case thrown out before first court appearance due to our early intervention - Assault DISMISSED

      Our client, a promising college student with career ambitions, was accused of having assaulted her live-in boyfriend. The prosecutor was going to file domestic battery charges against her. A California domestic violence conviction would have destroyed her life, her dreams and any ambitions of pursuing her desired career. Our Long Beach courthouse domestic violence attorneys intervened in her defense in advance of her arraignment. We advocated on her behalf before the Long Beach city attorney's office at a city attorney hearing. After doing so, the Long Beach city attorney's office dismissed her case, deciding not to pursue any prosecution against our client.

    • Prosecutor dismisses child endangerment charge. Our client enters a plea of a lesser offense and no jail time - Child Endangerment

      Our client was charged with having used excessive force while disciplining his child. Our West Covina child endangerment charges defense attorneys went to work, arguing that our client was actually acting within the confines of his parental right to discipline and that he did not act unreasonably. A conviction of this magnitude would've carried up to one year in the county jail. Instead, the prosecutor dismissed the child endangerment charge, our client entered a plea to a lesser offense and no jail time was imposed.

    • Pomona Courthouse Community Labor Extension Successfully Achieved; Bench Warrant Avoided

      Our client was required to perform 10 days of community labor by a certain court date pursuant to the terms of a case resolution. On account of a physical injury, our client was unable to complete those 10 days. Our Pomona courthouse criminal defense attorneys provided the court with proof of the physical injury and convinced judge to provide extension. Pomona courthouse is notoriously a very tough environment for criminal defendants and is not known for its leniency. Despite this, the court granted our client this extension. Pomona courthouse also frequently generates a bench warrants, including but not limited for failure to provide timely proof of community labor. Despite this very tough environment, our bench warrant defense attorneys therefore ALSO avoided a bench warrant from issuing against our client.

    • Pomona Courthouse DUI With High BAC (.23/.24) successfully resolved, no jail-time; charge of violating CVC 23152(a) DISMISSED - DUI

      Our client was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol (in violation of California Vehicle Code 23152(a)) and driving with a blood alcohol concentration level over the legal limit (in violation of California Vehicle Code 23152(b)). In this case, our client was accused of having driven virtually three times the legal limit BAC (.23/.24). Our Pomona courthouse DUI lawyers sprung into action, submitting a detailed and comprehensive written legal argument and engaging in intensive negotiations with the prosecutor. The charge of violating California Vehicle Code 23152(a) was dismissed and matter was resolved without any jail time despite very high blood alcohol concentration

    • Reckless driving charge against juvenile dismissed--case thrown out - Traffic Tickets

      Our client, an adolescent male who aspired to follow in his father's footsteps as a commercial driver, was cited with reckless driving after doing "donuts" in a parking lot in the presence of others. Our Van Nuys Juvenile Court defense attorneys jumped into action, disputing the charge, clearing out a bench warrant that had arisen in the case and ultimately convincing the court to throw out the case. Our client was spared jail time and a driving record that could have impaired his ability to be a commercial driver. He was also spared a decade of tripled insurance premiums.

    • Felony drug conviction probation terminated: court grants early termination of probation (as well as reduction to misdemeanor) - Early Termination of Probation Probation Terminated

      Our client, who was in the process of resettling overseas, inadvertently some old prescription narcotic pills sold on craigslist. He was charged and convicted, through his inefficient previous attorney, of having violated California health and safety code section 11350 (a felony). He was placed on five years formal probation, with burdensome conditions including but not limited to 24/7/365 search and seizure conditions. A native of Peru, he wanted to reunite with his family but was unable to do so because of his travel restrictions. Our West Covina early termination of probation attorneys got to work, assembling and constructing a powerful legal argument for the early termination of our clients probation. Sure enough, the judge agreed, terminating our clients probation nearly 3 years before his probation was over. Our client was overjoyed, expressed regret that he did not hire us sooner but was ecstatic at the result we obtained for him. He walked out of the courthouse a free man and has since reunited with his family

    • Young Man Gets a Second Change on Life and Employability as We Secure Expungement - Expungement Expunged

      A nearly 10-year-old conviction for an isolated alcohol-related driving offense had the potential of derailing a young professional’s ability to climb the ladder at work. But, due to the diligent efforts of Coimbra Law Firm, APC, this gentleman had his conviction successfully expunged at a recent hearing at the El Monte Courthouse. With the expungement, the young man can now seek international travel opportunities for work (some countries ban admission to anyone with an alcohol-related criminal offense), drive company cars without the fear of creating a liability for his boss, and continue to grow in his career without the stress and worry over how a long-ago misdemeanor crime could affect his future. At Coimbra Law Firm, APC, a successful outcome means a successful second chance at life.

    • California Weapons Charge Successfully Expunged - Expungement Successfully Expunged

      Our client, an industrious and career-driven person, was saddled by a "Carrying a Concealed Weapon" conviction (a violation of California Penal Code Section 25400---formerly 12025(a)) that happened nearly twenty (20) years ago. Despite her high degree of skill, she was unable to secure better employment on account of this long-ago mistake. Our West Covina courthouse expungement attorneys showed the judge that she had been living an exemplary, productive and law-abiding life ever since and that the court should exercise its power to liberate her from the chains of her conviction. Indeed, the Court agreed with our expungement law firm and granted her expungement petition. She can now go on to secure optimal employment becoming of her talents.

    • Hit And Run Against School Bus (With Property Damage Only) - Hit and Run Dismissed

      Our client, a gentleman with a previous criminal conviction, was accused of "hit and run", a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 20002(a). A new conviction would have most certainly resulted in lengthy imprisonment on account of his rap sheet. Accordingly, our San Jose courthouse criminal defense attorneys fought from the very start to have the hit and run accusation thrown out. Our office was able to get a civil compromise where our client paid a small amount of restitution for the damage to the bus (no child or adult passengers were on the bus) at the time of the collision. Our client received an infraction and avoided a misdemeanor conviction. He also avoided any jailtime.

    • Hit and Run Dismissed, No Jail Time Despite High BAC - DUI Dismissed

      Our client was accused of having driven with .15 blood alcohol concentration (BAC), as well as having hit a parked vehicle and then fleeing the scene of the accident. Therefore, the prosecutor filed a criminal complaint alleging three criminal counts (driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher and hit and run, violations of California vehicle code section 23152(a), 23152(b) and 20002(a), respectively). The court imposed six-figure bail...UNTIL our attorneys got involved. Our DUI and hit-and-run criminal charges defense attorneys sprung into action immediately, first with convincing the judge to reduce bail significantly. The judge granted the bail reduction, our client made bail and was released from custody. Then, we mobilized to have the charges dismissed. Facing a potential one year in the county jail, our client was in jeopardy of being incarcerated and losing his job. We convinced the prosecutor to drop any jail time at all. Additionally, the prosecutor threw out the hit and run allegation as well as driving under the influence of alcohol. Not a single day of jail time was imposed.

    • Nursing License Discipline and Suspension Dismissed - Drug Crimes Suspension Dismissed

      A mid-career Vocational Nurse practitioner faced the possibility of losing her state license after drugs were found in her car during a traffic stop, but our attorneys at Coimbra Law Firm, APC successfully defended our client’s license—and livelihood.

      At a hearing today before the Office of Administrative Hearings, our attorney argued against the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians’ position to revoke or suspended our client’s Vocational Nurse License due to “unprofessional conduct.” The Board accused our client of unlawfully possessing and using a controlled substance, following her arrest nearly three years ago. Our attorney effectively argued that it was unnecessary to take away our client’s license, highlighting the positive character traits, goals, and amenability toward rehabilitation of our client, who had successfully completed a probation term earlier to dismiss the criminal charge against her. A similar probation term is expected in this case, as our client walked out of the hearing with the prospects of her license and career intact.

    • Child Endangerment Charges Dismissed (Also, Maximum Penalty on "Drug Possession for Sales" Avoided and Reduced Jail Time) - Drug Crimes

      Our client faced nearly a decade in prison for felony drug possession, along with a prior strike, and child endangerment charges against him, after authorities found drugs in his family home during a probation search. But, due to the tireless and creative efforts of the Coimbra Law Firm, APC, our client will end up serving a little more than two years (if that). We maxed out his custody credits. We submitted powerful evidence in mitigation which pointed out the challenges the District Attorney would face in proving specific charges and discussed our client’s genuine efforts to reform. And our attorney strongly advocated on his behalf at a recent hearing at the Pomona Courthouse. The District Attorney dropped all of the child endangerment charges, and the case was favorably disposed in exchange for our client’s plea on the sole drug offense.

    • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk(shake): Driver Avoids Jail Time and Stiff Fines in Hit-and-Run Damage to Luxury Autos - Hit and Run Avoided Jail Time and Excessive Fines

      He spilled his milkshake in the car. He then lost control of the wheel, slammed into a parked luxury vehicle on a dealership lot of all places, which then slammed into another parked luxury auto. The driver, our client, lived nearby and decided to just walk home after, leaving the crumpled mess of three vehicles behind—along with his spilled milkshake.

      For this unfortunate chain of events, our client faced up to six months in the county jail for violating Vehicle Code section 20002(a), hit and run resulting in property damage, a misdemeanor.

      Due to the diligent efforts of Coimbra Law Firm, APC attorneys, who negotiated with the injured parties and presented strong arguments on behalf of our client, our client avoided any jail time and avoided having to pay any excessive fines. A judge at the West Covina Courthouse recently sentenced our client to two years of probation, less than three days of community service, and minor court costs.

    • Petition for Name Change Granted at Pomona Courthouse - Name Changes Granted

      Our client wanted to change her son’s name to pay homage to his deceased grandfather. Our attorneys undertook the rigorous procedures associated with petitioning to change name, including the newspaper publication requirements. The Pomona courthouse, known for its stringent name change requirements and frequent denials of petitions to change name, granted our client’s request.

    • Allegation of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender: Corrected and Arrest Avoided - Failure to Register Client Was Not Arrested

      Our client’s publicly available sex offender profile demonstrated that he was “in violation” of his Penal Code 290 obligation to register as a sex offender. Our attorneys swept into action, carefully investing the source of this erroneous allegation. We attended the El Monte police department station with our client to show tangible proof that our client was in compliance with his PC290 registration obligation. Had we not attended with our client, the police officer would’ve proceeded with the “in violation” indication on our client’s profile and arrested him immediately. Fortunately, our El Monte sex crimes defense attorney was able to establish that our client was in compliance and the officer. The officer acknowledged a clerical error in their system and our client was processed without incident and without any arrest whatsoever. Crisis averted.

    • Firm Beats High-Priced Speeding Ticket Against Client - Traffic Tickets Ticket Dropped

      A client who faced a nearly $400 ticket for allegedly speeding near Citrus College beat the citation at trial with the diligent efforts of Coimbra Law Firm, APC. After arguing that the lack of conspicuous signage or other notice of the speed limit along our client’s route abrogated her due process rights, our team continued to doggedly fight the ticket until a judge at the West Covina Courthouse ruled in our client’s favor.

    • Client Allowed to go Home on a Lesser Charge and Probation After a Teenage Fight Became a Felony - Assault Client Released

      A 16-year-old boy who punched another guy at a gathering at a friend’s house earlier this year faced two felony charges, including a violent assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury, also known as Penal Code section 245(a)(4). When he was arrested at school a few weeks later, police found our client with a billy-club, a violation of Penal Code 22210. Our client had the billy-club after an unrelated attack on him by a homeless man.

      For his alleged crimes, our client faced four years at a correctional camp, placement for youths who are typically identified as high-risk. Further, his record of conviction for the felony assault would never be destroyed, as is the case for other juvenile cases to promote rehabilitation. Our client had no previous criminal record, was not a gang member, and came from a largely stable middle-class home with a supportive family. Also, witnesses to the fight reported seeing the victim load up on Xanax and alcohol; they had described the victim as agitating the fights. To have convicted our client of the violent felonies at age 16 would have carried collateral consequences to negatively affect the rest of his life.

      However, due to the aggressive and diligent efforts of Coimbra Law, APC, our client was convicted of the lesser charge of battery causing serious injury, Penal Code section 243(d). The second charge for the billy-club was dropped, and he was placed on probation for the next three years. Instead of our client being convicted and sentenced for a crime that could result of years of incarceration, the Pomona courthouse released our client today, so he can be back home with his family.

    • Jail Time Avoided, Client Gets Probation for “Wet Reckless” - DUI Charges Reduced

      A rare night on the town for a young working Mom could have led up to a year in jail, after she was suspected of driving while under the influence, driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08%, and in possession of cocaine. But due to the diligent advocacy of Coimbra Law, APC, our attorneys reached an amicable agreement with the Pasadena City Prosecutor: Instead of jail, our client is serving a 3-year-term on probation for only a “wet reckless.” She was originally charged with violating Vehicle Code section 23152(a), Vehicle Code section 23152(b), and Health & Safety Code section 11350(a). A wet reckless is a reduced charge; it is for driving recklessly with alcohol involved. The drug charge against our client was dismissed. Our client was also sentenced to pay a $500 fine, plus assessment fees, and to attend an alcohol diversion program, among other conditions. The woman had been celebrating a friend’s birthday and decided to stay out later because she hardly ever had the time to socialize, given the demands of her home and work life. When she was stopped by Pasadena police, she had been up for 19 hours. Signs of sleep deprivation and fatigue easily mirror the symptoms of intoxication, our attorneys argued. She was also unaware that what was tossed into her purse was a controlled substance.

    • Dismissal of Shoplifting Charge From West Covina Mall - Theft Dismissed

      Our client is a young man in the financial sector. He was apprehended for Petty Theft (violations of California Penal Code Sections 484(a) & 488 PC). If convicted, our client stood to lose not only his freedom (up to one year in the county jail!), but also the illustrious financial career for which he had worked so hard. Our West Covina petty theft charges defense attorneys sprung into action. We challenged the evidence against our client, as well as presented a series of mitigation factors to diminish the severity of the charge against our client. Sure enough, a judge at the Citrus Courthouse (West Covina Courthouse) DISMISSED the petty theft charges against our client (in favor of a minor infraction). In so doing, we were able to protect our client from the ruination of his life.

    • Frivolous Complaint (To Homeowners’ Association) by our Client’s Neighbor Defeated and Ruled in our Client’s Favor - HOA

      Our client was the subject of whistleblower retaliation by a neighbor because our client had called the police on neighbor for beating up his dog. The police intervened and Animal Control removed the victim dog from Complainant’s property. Neighbor initiated a campaign of online defamation against our client. Further, he filed a frivolous complaint with the HOA because our client had installed a surveillance camera on his own property (for the protection of himself and his family against burglaries). Neighbor was implying that our client was using the camera to conduct surveillance on neighbor, an utterly baseless, false and preposterous allegation. Our neighbor harassment defense attorneys sprung into action, showing the context of neighbor’s vindictive actions and exposing his complaint as utterly meritless (and made to get back at our client for client calling the cops against neighbor for animal abuse). The HOA ruled in favor of our client and dismissed the defamatory complaint.

    • Young Man Arrested for Felony Firearm Possession; We Intervene and Case Gets Dropped - Gun Charges Client Released-No Charges

      A family member of a young man who was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm in his vehicle visited our office, desperate for help. Despite the fact that it was a weekend, our West Covina gun charges defense attorneys sprung into action, visiting him in a bright early Sunday morning (when many other attorneys are out golfing or idling about). We engaged the court process with the intention of getting the charges dismissed, and we did! The young man, who was in custody and terrified not knowing what the outcome would be, is now reunited with his family.

    • Complete Dismissal of Hit and Run Charges at West Covina Courthouse - Hit and Run

      Our client, a young man who stood to lose his employment if he was convicted, approached our award-winning West Covina Courthouse attorneys in hopes of resolving his court case and avoiding jail.

      However, setting an even higher standard for ourselves, our West Covina hit and run charges defense attorneys pushed for a total dismissal. We showed that there was reasonable doubt that our client was even responsible for the alleged property damage.

      Sure enough, the prosecutor dismissed our client's case on the record.

    • “Drunk In Public” Misdemeanor Charge Dismissed - Public Intoxication

      Our client was summoned to appear at the El Monte Courthouse on a “drunk in public” ticket (a violation of California Penal Code section 647f). Anyone convicted of 647f can be sentenced to jail for up to six months! Our El Monte public intoxication defense attorneys sprung into action. On the very first day, we achieved a negotiated settlement with the prosecutor, who agreed to drop the charge provided our client proved that he complete a court-ordered course. By doing so, our client avoided significant jail time and hefty fines.

    • Despite Inability to Perform Community Service, Our Client Avoids Jail Time (Jail Avoided) - Hit and Run

      Our client was represented by a previous lawyer on a hit and run allegation. The previous lawyer irresponsibly agreed for our client to perform lengthy community service despite his obvious and various physical handicaps and disabilities. Unable to perform community service, our client was facing significant jail time at a violation hearing. Our West Covina criminal defense attorneys swept into action and argued that our client’s handicaps prevent him from carrying out community labor or community service. The judge agreed and where she would otherwise have sent our client to jail, the judge will be entertaining possibility of converting his community service to a fine. Our client walked out free.

    • Boating Under the Influence (BUI) Charge Not Filed Due to Early Attorney Intervention - Boating Under the Influence (BUI)

      A young man came to our office after having been arrested for Boating Under the Influence (BUI) in violation of California Harbors & Navigation Code 655. Our Victorville courthouse criminal defense attorneys swung into action, immediately intervening in advance of any criminal filing. Sure enough, the case was not charged and our client avoided jail time and a conviction that could’ve resulted in a permanent blemish on his criminal record.

    • Shoplifting Charge Not Filed Due to Early Attorney Intervention - Theft

      A young woman (nursing student) came to our office after having been arrested for Petty Theft (Shoplifting) under California Penal Code Section 484(a) and California Penal acode Section 488 PC. Our Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse petty theft defense attorneys swung into action, immediately intervening in advance of any criminal filing. Sure enough, the case was not charged and our client avoided jailtime and a conviction that could’ve resulted in her inability to practice her chosen vocation.

    • DMV Hearing Victory: Set-Aside of Drive License Suspension: No Suspension of License Despite DUI Arrest - DUI

      Our client is a young man with a career that requires his ability to freely operate his vehicle. He was arrested for DUI and, worried about his freedom and his future, contacted our West Covina drunk driving defense attorneys. Our West Covina DUI defense lawyers swept into action. We notified the Department of Motor Vehicles in writing to place to stay on any suspension of our client's license and began amassing materials for our client’s defense. Owing to our swift and early intervention, the DMV placed a SET ASIDE of any suspension of our client’s driver license. Our client gets to keep his license free of any suspension.


      Our client, an elderly man with extensive illnesses, came to our office, and fear that he would be arrested due to the fact that he had failed to register for a few years under California Penal Code section 290. Our West Covina PC290 lawyers sprung into action, set up an appointment with the police agency where he was supposed to register and persuaded the police department not to take any arrest action against our client. After helping him get back in compliance, our client was able to leave without any incident.

    • Traffic Trial by Declaration Granted and Our Client Ruled “Not Guilty” - Traffic Tickets

      Our client was charged with speeding, a violation of California vehicle code section 22352. Considering the importance of our client’s driving privilege not only to his personal life but also to his ability to work and maintain his livelihood, our client was justifiably alarmed at the prospect of a conviction. Our West Covina traffic trial by declaration attorneys put together a powerful and persuasive argument for a dismissal of our client’s case. The court ruled in our favor and acquitted our client. Not only that but he will be receiving back his bail money. Case dismissed!

    • Firearms Possession Charge Against our Security Guard Client - Gun Charges Dismissed

      Our client, a security guard, was charged with a violation of California Penal Code sections 25400(a) and 25850(a), carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm, respectively. Due to the urgent nature of a security call to which he responded, our client did not have time to put on his identifying uniform, as required by law. Consequently, the West Covina Police Department took him into custody and the prosecutor filed criminal charges. Our West Covina firearms charges defense attorneys swung into action. We were able to show the context in which the alleged incident occurred and showed that the alleged noncompliance was not intentional. We convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the criminal accusation in exchange for our client completing community labor and a firearm safety class. The prosecutor completely dismissed the case per California Penal Code section 1385, dismissal in the interest of justice.

    • Dismissal of “Driving While Intoxicated“ and No Jail - DWI Dismissed

      Our client was summoned to appear at the Pomona courthouse to answer to a criminal accusation of driving while intoxicated as well as driving with a .08 percentage of blood alcohol concentration. The facts were very unfavorable, including an allegation that our client fell asleep and smashed into a wall. Despite these unfavorable factual details, our office fought extremely hard for a dismissal of the “driving while intoxicated“ accusation. A lengthy alcohol program, jail time, and a DWI conviction were all avoided in favor of a reduced “B” account, with some community labor and other non-jail consequences.

    • Felony Probation for Registered Sex Offender Terminated: Motion to Terminate Probation Early - Early Termination of Probation GRANTED

      Our client, a 290 PC registrant, was saddled with burdensome felony probation. His father, concerned about his son, our client’s well-being in view of the onerous probation requirements, hired our CCB early termination of probation attorneys. We encountered resistance from the probation officer and bureaucratic delays. Despite that, our West Covina early termination of probation attorneys persuaded the court to grant our motion to terminate our client’s probation several months and/or years in advance of his probation expiry.

    • Narcotic Possession Out of West Covina Courthouse - Drug Crimes Dismissed

      Our client, a young, employed man, was facing a harrowing drug conviction that would’ve haunted him for the rest of his life. Our West Covina courthouse drug possession attorneys swept into action. We worked with the prosecutor to drop the criminal charge all together and permit for drug treatment and rehabilitation. The case is set for dismissal upon successful completion of the drug diversion classes.

    • Petition for Name Change Granted for PC290 Registrant - Name Changes Name Changed Petition Approved

      Our client was previously convicted, through different former counsel, of a lifetime sex offender registrable conviction under Penal Code section 290. The discrepancy between his birth name and legal name was causing him not to be able to secure employment due to identity uncertainty. We were able to convince the court that our client was not trying to hide his identity but, actually, simply to go by his birth name. Despite the court having previously denied our client’s request when he made it in pro per and without our help, our firm persuaded the court to APPROVE the petition for name change.

    • Registered Sex Offender Conviction Expunged - Expungement GRANTED

      A man, long ago convicted of a sex offense, came to us about his old conviction, which he said has been costing him jobs, friends and quality of life. That man became our client. Despite all the naysayers and haters who said it couldn’t be done, our San Jose sex crimes defense attorneys were able to convince the court to grant our petition to expunge our clients record. We can now examine possible options to challenge then terminate his otherwise-lifetime sex offender registration.

    • Huge Reduction in Potential Prison Time in Extremely Serious Felony DUI with Hit and Run Case - DUI

      Our client was charged with a felony second offense DUI with hit and run out of the Pomona courthouse. On account of the very service charges levied against our client, Pomona deputy district attorney did not waver in seeking half-decade California state penitentiary in prison commitment against our client…until now. Pomona courthouse felony DUI defense attorneys have been uncovering severe weakness is in the governments case against our client, who stands to lose not only his freedom (through possible imprisonment in one of California’s very violent high security state penitentiaries) but also a lucrative career. We have made great strides in greatly reducing that possibility and look forward to continue seeking and obtaining the best possible available outcome for our client with minimal to no jail time.

    • Frivolous Restraining Order Against Registered Sex Offender Client Dismissed - Restraining Orders

      Our client, a registered sex offender, approached our office after having received disturbing news that someone had filed a restraining order petition against him. Worse yet, the restraining order application identified some potentially felonious sex crime accusations, such that, if the accuser prevailed, it likely would have led to felony sex crimes charges against our client, who would be facing severe criminal repercussions on account of his PC290 registrable past conviction. Our Pomona courthouse restraining order defense attorneys identified some disturbing discrepancies in the accusatory statements issued by the petitioner in the case. Rather than simply reach a compromise, our Pomona courthouse restraining order trial attorney took the petitioner to task in a bench hearing, employing masterful cross examination against the accuser. Like a snake shedding its skin, the petitioner’s lies disintegrated and fell apart in full view of the judge and court staff. After exposing the deceitful nature of the petition and how the accuser was using it as a way of circumventing a guardian at litem order that had been previously issued, our Pomona restraining order lawyer motioned to the court for a full dismissal of the frivolous restraining order. Our motion was granted and our client was spared the indignity and the potential catastrophe of a restraining order that would’ve preceded a permanent injunction against him.

    • Criminal Charges Against DACA Client Dismissed in Exchange for Minimized Plea Resolution, No Jail Time - DUI Case Dismissed

      Our client, a young woman who is gainfully employed and is very productive, came to our office after a dismaying event in her life occurred: she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (a violation of California vehicle code section 23152(a) CVC). She was also arrested for being in possession of a controlled substance (a violation of California Health & Safety Code Section 11350 H&S). A conviction at trial (or otherwise a poorly-handled pre-trial resolution) could have resulted in, not only in potentially significant jail time, but, also, virtually-certain deportation from the United States on account that our client is a DACA recipient. Understanding the potential severity and gravity of the criminal charges against her, our West Covina DUI attorneys, West Covina drug charges defense attorneys sprung into action, carefully reviewing the evidence against our client and challenging whether the evidence was properly collected on account of possible constitutional violations of our client’s rights. We further argued that, on account of our client’s lack of criminal sophistication, i.e., no identifiable criminal record, in addition to her valuable contributions to society as a working and productive young woman, the case should be dismissed. Sure enough, on account of our efforts, the prosecutor agreed to a dismissal of both accounts in exchange for a less severe misdemeanor California vehicle code section violation. Moreover, the prosecutor agreed not to pursue jail time. To that end, our client came away from the case unscathed, with the plea resolution optimized to protect her otherwise precarious immigration status. In other words, case (as originally charged) dismissed!

    • Total Dismissal of Charge - Hit and Run

      Our client was accused of having damage to another vehicle and having fled the scene of the accident. Our client — an otherwise completely-law abiding person who has been gainfully employed, has a family and had lots to lose — would have been devastated by a hit-and-run conviction, which carries jail time, probation and fines. Our Pomona Hit & Run criminal defense attorneys hit the ground running, i.e., preparing a defense very early on in the case, ready to advance it all the way through to successful completion, meaning, total dismissal. We succeeded. As a result of our early and aggressive intervention in the case, the Pomona district attorney office dismissed the case entirely. Our client went home. No jail. No fines. No probation. Back to life as normal.

    • Pasadena motorcyclist client speeding over 100 mph - Traffic Tickets Avoided Misdemeanor Charges and Kept License

      Our client, and an avid motorcyclist, was charged for having driven his bike over 100 mph. The officer had the discretion to proceed with a charge in court of reckless driving or exhibition of speed, either one of which is a misdemeanor offense. As a result of our early intervention in the case, not only were we able to help him avoid any such misdemeanor charge, we also succeeded in persuading the court to allow our client to keep his license (despite the vehicle code which says court has discretion to suspended for 30 days).

    • West Covina Courthouse cell phone ticket infraction - Traffic Tickets Dismissed

      Our client, a busy entrepreneur, was pulled over by a police officer alleging that he was driving while texting, a violation of California vehicle code section. Our West Covina traffic infraction attorneys succeeded in arguing that our client was in compliance with the law because he used his cell phone within the “hands-free exception” carved out by the statute. The court dismissed the case and our client was refunded his bail.

    • Cocaine and methamphetamine possession charges to be dismissed upon successful completion of PC 1000 drug diversion program - Drug Crimes Dismissed

      Our client was arrested and charged charged with misdemeanor violation of Health and Safety Code §11377 (a), possession of methamphetamines, misdemeanor violation of Safety Code §11350 (a), possession of cocaine. Because our client works in the property management industry with aspirations of one day owning his own property management company, avoiding a criminal conviction at trial and a jail or prison sentence were absolutely key. Our El Monte drug possession criminal defense attorneys challenged police procedures and raised serious fourth amendment concerns with the district attorneys office. On account of our efforts, our lawyers were able to secure a PC 1000 dismissal opportunity. Our client went home, no jail, no conviction. Upon successful completion of the program, the case will be completely dismissed, thereby protecting his record in addition to having avoided jail.

    • Registered Sex Offender's Record Is Expunged, Which Will Enhance Case for Tiered Registry Removal - Expungement Petition for Dismissal Granted

      Our client, a registered sex offender, came to us to help clean his record in anticipation of the New Tiered Registry Law (SB384 that was signed by Governor Brown in October 2017). The New Tiered Registry Law will take into consideration "all relevant..criminal conduct." Although our client cannot undo the past, we felt it would be helpful to expunge whatever expungeable convictions appear on his record to help persuade the court (in the future) that our client merits relief because he has been proactive in cleaning his record. Despite the heavy odds against us, our sex offender defense attorneys built a compelling case that our client's case should be expunged despite his sex offender PC290 status. The court GRANTED our Petition for Dismissal in the Interest of Justice per Penal Code 1203.4(a), helping to pave the way for future success in getting off the Registry.