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Drug Manufacturing Defense

Have You Been Accused of Manufacturing Narcotics?

Manufacturing drugs, controlled substances, or narcotics is a serious California drug crime in violation of very strict laws. The activity of engaging in or even so much as offering to engage in any activity related to the process of “controlled substance manufacture is against the law.

If you have been accused of knowingly partaking in any of the steps, the initial act, or the intermediate acts implicated in illegal drug manufacture, you could be convicted of this crime. Our drug crime attorneys from Second Chances Law Group can represent you against the severe charges you are facing.

A few examples of circumstances which could lead to manufacturing charges include:

  • Being found inside a meth lab or participating in the process involved in one
  • Mixing or combining the predicate chemicals needed to manufacture the narcotics
  • Being caught buying the ingredients necessary to manufacture a drug

Strong Legal Defenses Against Manufacturing Charges

Our firm is highly experienced and skilled at building effective defenses against charges involving drug crimes. We understand the negative impact that a conviction can have on all areas of your life, from the immediate consequences to the long-term effects. If you are convicted off a drug crime, you will have a permanent criminal record that follows you.

There is an array of legal defenses that our drug crime defense lawyers can advance against your charges, including:

  • You engaged in “mere preparation” rather than overt acts directed at manufacture
  • Police retrieved evidence of the crime by violating your Fourth Amendment Right Against Unreasonable Search and Seizure
  • The prosecutor's evidence rests on illegally-obtained evidence
  • You were merely present at the drug lab (for example, meth lab) or crime scene and were not involved in any of manufacture or processing of drugs
  • The allegation itself is false and the case rests on a fabricated accusation

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Don’t try to get through this trying time on your own without sufficient legal support. Our drug crime attorneys are committed to providing top-notch service and we are very aggressive at advancing powerful defenses in pursuit of avoiding a drug manufacturing conviction.

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