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California Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

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A sex crime conviction in California will result in devastating consequences, which can include incarceration in state prison or county jail, registration as a sex offender, and loss of other civil rights. Second Chances Law Group, APC understands the plight of those accused or convicted of sex crimes and how this can lead to a life of isolation, desperation, and fear, with your name, home address, conviction record and public profile being widely published on the Internet for the rest of your life.

However, by the year 2021, Senate Bill No. 384[1] will introduce amendments to the current sex offender registration laws, creating three tiers for registration instead of requiring all convicted sex offenders to register for a lifetime regardless of the gravity of the offense committed.

  • Tier I = minimum of 10 years registration
  • Tier II = minimum of 20 years registration
  • Tier III = lifetime registration.

Our California sex crime lawyers not only specialize in handling sex crime accusations, but they have also spared many accused persons from a lifetime requirement of sex offender registration by successfully defending their cases in court. We also provide legal assistance to those who have been convicted of a sex crime and help them seek reliefs that will ease the burden of the harsh consequences of a sex crime conviction. Don't be the victim of lifetime sex offender registration.

To help you understand better how Second Chances Law Group, APC can help you, we discuss the following topics below:

  • What are sex crimes
  • Types of sex crimes
  • Consequences of a sex crime conviction in California
  • Common defenses to a sex crime charge in California
  • What Second Chances Law Group, APC can do for you

What are sex crimes?

There are different acts and offenses that fall under what can be classified as a “sex crime”. In California, these are misdemeanors or felonies that are sexual in nature. A few examples include display of genitals in public places to annoy, inappropriate touching of the “intimate parts”[2] (sexual organ, anus, groin, or buttocks of any person, and the breast of a female) of a victim, sexual battery, rape, possession of child pornography, to name a few.

Types of Sex Crimes

Our legal team has successfully defended and handled a variety of sex crimes over the years. Below is a list of California sex crimes that require sex offender registration as a consequence of conviction (the types of sex crimes are not limited to those enumerated below):

  • Sodomy[3]
  • Child molestation/lewd and lascivious acts with a child[4]
  • Oral copulation by force[5]
  • Forcible penetration with a foreign object[6]
  • Kidnapping with intent to commit rape, sodomy, child molestation, oral copulation by force, forcible penetration with a foreign object[7]
  • Assault with intent to commit rape, sodomy, child molestation, oral copulation by force, forcible penetration with a foreign object[8]
  • Human trafficking[9]
  • Rape[10]
  • Pimping where the prostitute is under 16[11]
  • Pandering where the prostitute is under 16[12]
  • Abducting of Minor for Prostitution[13]
  • Incest[14]
  • Possession of Child Pornography[15]
  • Sexual Battery[16]
  • Indecent exposure[17]

Consequences of a sex crime conviction

Due to sex crimes being misdemeanors or felonies in California, a conviction can result in serving jail or prison time. However, that is not the only grave consequence of sex crime conviction. The following are some of the legal obligations and difficulties that a person convicted of a sex crime must contend with, among others:

  • Lifetime registration as a sex offender (by the year 2021, tiered registration will take effect);
  • Yearly update of personal information with local law enforcement agencies;
  • Personal details such as name, address, offense committed, assessment on risk of re-offending (Static 99-R), etc. made readily available on the internet for the public to see (California Megan’s Law website. But other websites purporting to provide personal information can also provide these details);
  • Difficulty or inability to travel;
  • Difficulty or inability of getting a conviction expunged;
  • Ban on possessing firearms;
  • Disclosure of conviction for employment purposes;
  • Limitations in terms of places you can go and human interactions that you can have;

What Second Chances Law Group, APC can do for you

With the amount of experience and success that our California sex crime attorneys achieve in the handling and defense of sex crime charges, we believe in providing early legal intervention to prevent any serious and lasting consequences a sex crime charge may have on your life. For those that have been convicted of sex crimes, Second Chances Law Group, APC will walk you through all possible avenues and means of securing relief from the devastating consequences of a sex crime conviction.

Some of the strategies we employ:

Negotiation with law enforcement

It’s important to remember that you have Constitutional rights, no matter what you are facing. Our legal team can represent you and speak on your behalf before law enforcement officers. Due to the severity of sex crimes, California law enforcement take sex crime accusations seriously which can sometimes lead to arrests before an accused has the time and opportunity to explain the situation. We understand that situations like this can be immensely stressful for the accused. Our California sex crime attorneys can better explain or convey your side of the case and sometimes this is all that is necessary for a case to be dropped against you.

Pre-trial interventions and filing of motions

Second Chances Law Group, APC believes in proactively securing all available remedies and defenses for our clients at the earliest possible stage of a case. Most California sex crimes do not proceed to trial[18], due in part to some of the accused pleading guilty prior to trial for a more lenient sentence.

With this proactive approach, we can convince the prosecutor that the client is innocent, or the case is too weak to bring to trial. In some cases, we can file the appropriate motion to suppress evidence that can either exonerate or lessen the consequences of the offense charged against an accused.


Plea bargaining is one effective means of lessening the consequences of a probable sex crime conviction. Prosecutors can agree to the accused pleading to a lesser offense. Our legal team can bargain for a lesser offense or we can bargain for probation instead of the accused having to serve jail or prison time.

Fighting for your cause at trial

We are not only familiar with the unique protocols and procedures of many of California’s local courthouses, we have also developed a professional relationship with prosecutors, judges, clerks, probation officers, and other court personnel. With several thousand cases successfully handled throughout California, we know how to defend you against serious charges.

Post-conviction work

Our California sex crime lawyers believe that your Constitutional rights must be upheld and your fundamental human rights must be protected. We also sincerely believe in second chances. Our attorneys will review with you all possible remedies that you may avail of whether it be for early release from probation or parole, possible avenues for removal from the sex offender registry, possible expungement of prior convictions, removal from public listing in websites, amongst other applicable reliefs. We are always on top of new developments in California law that affords our clients the best possible chance of legally restoring some normalcy back into their lives.

No Judgment, Only Professionalism

It’s natural to feel embarrassed or humiliated for being caught up in a criminal arrest or investigation, especially when you are unknowingly involved in a larger sting operation that often happens in internet sex crimes. We always make our clients feel right at home and we encourage you to take comfort in the fact that you have a dedicated advocate on your side at Second Chances Law Group, APC.

Our California sex crime lawyers will help ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected. We guarantee that each of our clients will receive personalized attention, complete discretion, and trained staff working to provide the best legal assistance available. Our only job is to defend you with the maximum competence, diligence, and zealousness.

Do not hesitate to call (626) 827-7222 for the representation you need.

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Our only job is to defend you with the maximum competence, diligence, and zealousness. Do not hesitate to call (626) 827-7222 for the representation you need.

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