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Auto Burglary Attorneys

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To be convicted of auto burglary in the state of California, it is not sufficient that you simply broke into the locked vehicle of another person. You must have done so with the intention of perpetrating a theft of either the car or of some property contained therein. This is an important element that prosecution must be able to prove, which our team at Second Chances Law Group works hard to disprove.

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You could be charged with auto burglary if you entered a locked vehicle or the trunk of the vehicle and you did so with the intent to:

  • Commit grand theft auto, known as GTA in the vernacular
  • Steal property located inside the vehicle (California petty theft or California grand theft)
  • Commit some other felony once you've gained access into the car

How Is Auto Burglary Charged?

There must be sufficient evidence that you not only broke into a vehicle, but that you had the intention of stealing it or committing a crime. For example, shattering the window of a locked automobile in order to steal some valuable inside, applying some tool such as a crowbar to undo the lock of the car, or breaking and entering into the locked vehicle with the intention of concealing your presence therein and "lying in wait" for the car owner to get into the car so that you can subdue and kidnap the person.

Consequences of Auto Burglary

Car burglary is classified as second degree burglary. A misdemeanor conviction for auto burglary will subject you to incarceration in the county jail for up to one year. However, a felony conviction for this crime can result in your imprisonment in a California State Prison for a minimum of 16 months to a maximum of 3 years.

Depending on the facts of your case, our auto burglary defense lawyers can advance one of many defense strategies on your behalf. It behooves you greatly to hire an aggressive and experienced firm like ours to help squash the criminal accusations against you.

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