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Driving On a Suspended License

California Vehicle Offense Attorneys

Under California law, it is a crime to drive when your license is suspended or revoked. If you have been pulled over and arrested for this offense, it is vital that you speak with a criminal defense attorney from Second Chances Law Group.

Common Defenses to a Suspended License Offense

Are you curious about the common defenses to a driving with a suspended or driving with a revoked license charge? Our top priority is to come up with a workable defense strategy to use to your behalf. An experienced suspended license defense attorney from our firm knows how to negotiate a deal and perhaps leave you with nothing but an infraction.

The following are potential defenses we may use on your behalf:

  • You were driving while on a “restricted” license: In certain cases, rather than suspending a person’s license outright, the court will allow certain restricted driving privileges to allow the person to drive to work, school, or another specified location (for example, to pick a child up from daycare).
  • You lacked knowledge that your license was suspended or revoked: It is an element of these charges not only that you were driving while your license was suspended or revoked, but that you knew your license was suspended or revoked at the time. Therefore, it is a defense to this crime if you did not know of the suspension or revocation.
  • Taking a plea bargian: Especially if you are a first time offender without a record, prosecutors are often willing to reduce these charges in a plea bargain. If you are a first time offender without a record, prosecutors are often willing to reduce these charges in a plea bargain.

Reinstating Driving Privileges Post-Suspension

If you have been convicted of driving with a suspended license, you likely have been given a specific term of suspension as your punishment. There are certain steps you will need to take to reinstate your driving privileges, and having legal representation can help you to do so. The steps of reinstatement will vary depending on the reason for the suspension.

Our driving with a suspended license charges attorneys may be able to help you get your charge dismissed or reduced. Call us now at (626) 827-7222 for help and a free case consultation.

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