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Battery Defense Attorneys

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You may be arrested for battery if you allegedly willfully applied force (harmful or offensive touching) on another person and did so without legal privilege. It is not required that the alleged victim have suffered any harm, but is enough that you allegedly applied some unwanted bodily touching. At Second Chances Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys offer the aggressive representation of battery charges of any type.

We offer the representation of a wide range of battery cases, including:

If you are convicted of a battery crime, you could be facing formal probation, incarceration, a strike on your record, and mandatory restitution. The exact penalties you face depend on the circumstances of the alleged crime and if there were any special circumstances involved. Avoiding a conviction for battery requires competent legal defense from a criminal defense attorney on our team.

Disproving Intent for Battery Defense

Although there are many different defense strategies our firm may be able to employ on your behalf, lack of intent may be a very effective defense, depending on the circumstances. For the defendant to be civilly liable, he must not only have intended to act; he must also have acted with the purpose of inflicting a harmful or offensive touching on the plaintiff. At minimum, the defendant must have had the (actual or constructive) awareness that such a contact was substantially certain to cause a harmful or offensive touching.

Therefore, our firm works to prove that you did not have the intent or even the means to carry out this crime. Our battery defense attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil battery actions. If you are being prosecuted in criminal court for battery charges, we can also represent you against a civil lawsuit stemming from the same conduct. We are confident in our ability to take on your criminal and/or civil battery case and aggressively pursue and protect your interests.

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