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Domestic Violence Attorneys

Defending Alleged Injuries to a Spouse or Cohabitant

Domestic violence laws prohibit the use of physical force or threats of harm against an intimate partner or cohabitant. The term “domestic violence” is sometimes considered to also include child abuse and endangerment and not just actions against a romantic partner.

Being convicted of domestic violence can not only affect your life negatively due to legal consequences, but you may also find that a restraining order is taken out against you and that you are no longer able to visit the person in question, their home, or see your children.

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How Is Domestic Violence Charged?

Domestic violence is commonly thought to include violent actions or threats against a spouse or loved one, but this crime encompasses other people in close relation. For example, you could be accused of domestic violence against an ex-spouse, cohabitant, former cohabitant, or a family member.

To convict you of this crime, the prosecution must prove that:

  • You willfully and unlawfully inflicted a physical injury on a person with whom you have or had close relation;
  • The injury you inflicted resulted in a traumatic condition; and
  • You did not act in self-defense or in defense of someone else (if self defense or defense of another is raised as a defense).

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An accusation and conviction of this crime can be devastating to your life and freedom in an assortment of ways. Our domestic violence attorneys and legal staff are standing by to discuss your case with you and we offer free consultations to give you a chance to discuss your options. Our office is a leading criminal defense law firm in this area and our credentials are a reflection of our prestige and excellence in our field.

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