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Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Gun Crime Defense Attorneys

In California, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon either on your person or in your vehicle. If you have been arrested for this offense or are being charged, you should not hesitate to speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney from Second Chances Law Group right away.

To prove that you are guilty of this crime, the prosecution must show:

  • You carried on your person a firearm capable of being concealed;
  • You knew that you were carrying a firearm; and
  • It was substantially concealed on your person.

Defenses to a Concealed Carry Charge

It is important to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you who will take a great interest in your case and offer you dedicated representation. Our firm is highly knowledgeable about the laws which affect gun charges, including carrying a concealed weapon.

California provides specific exemptions to conceal carry charges in certain circumstances which can be used as defense strategy, including the following:

  • If the weapon is locked in the trunk or in a container in the car, and you lawfully own or possess the weapon/
  • You have a license or permit for carrying a concealed weapon.
  • You carried a concealed weapon within your home, a business that you own, or other property that you own, or between those locations.
  • You were carrying the weapon in self-defense.
  • You are lawfully in possession of a firearm for the purpose of its use in a movie, television show, or other production event.
  • You are in possession of a firearm in your capacity as one of the following (among others):
    • A peace officer (whether active or honorably retired)
    • A bank guard/messenger
    • A licensed firearms dealer
    • A target shooting club member
    • A licensed hunter/fisherman who is transporting or using the weapon for such activities

Note that some of these exemptions require that the gun be unloaded or only used during specific activities. Some additional defenses to a concealed carry charge include lack of knowledge, illegal search and seizure, or violation of your Fourth Amendment rights.

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