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Disclaimer Creation Attorney

West Covina Lawyer Drafting Iron-Clad Disclaimers for Businesses

Any business owner in California can tell you that the state loves its regulations, rules, and needless complexities. Not following everything to the letter can put a company in a precarious and vulnerable situation, especially for small businesses and those run by solo entrepreneurs. One misstep and – watch out – a consumer will find the first chance to file a frivolous lawsuit.

Consumers might file a frivolous lawsuit on the “grounds” of:

  • Injury on your property.
  • Injury using your product.
  • Claims you falsely advertised your services.
  • Claims you did not meet ADA or other federal guidelines.
  • Claims you discriminated against them.
  • Claims your broke a business contract.

Lose the lawsuit, or just react to it incorrectly, and your business can suffer. A loss will mean a big payout coming from your coffers. Reacting poorly can destroy your reputation, which, once again hurts your bottom line. What can you do to protect your business from such issues?

You can turn to Coimbra Law Firm and our West Covina disclaimer creation attorney, Mr. Joe Coimbra. With a background in complicated legal matters, like license defense and reputation defense against internet defamatory content, Attorney Coimbra is poised to create disclaimers that protect your business’s best interests from all possible offenders. There is no time to lose when the company you built from the ground up could be on the line. Call (626) 827-7222 or contact us online for a free consultation now.

You Need Iron-Clad Disclaimers

Have you ever read a legal document, or paid close attention to the information rifled off at the end of a commercial for a prescription drug? If so, you should already be familiar with the fix to your woes as a business under assault by frivolous lawsuits and ridiculous accusations of regulatory violations. Disclaimers are a great way to bar intruders with a block of text that explains exactly your intentions, purposes, responsibilities, and much more. While it might not seem like the most fun way to go about things, you really cannot replace the effectiveness of a well-drafted, iron-clad disclaimer.

Your disclaimer need to consider everything your business does that could lead to complications, such as:

  • How your product is intended to be used.
  • Who is liable for accidents on your property.
  • Why you chose specific language in your marketing campaigns.
  • Costs – hidden or otherwise – for services rendered.
  • Definitions of terminology used in contracts.
  • And much, much more!

The bottom line is simple: you cannot say too much in your disclaimer, so long as you say it the right way. This is where disclaimers get tricky. Without comprehensive knowledge of regulatory and liability laws, any disclaimer you write could end up ineffective and ultimately useless. Put your disclaimer in our hands and you can rest easy knowing it will be as “bulletproof” as can be.

Rely on Attorney Coimbra to Write Your Disclaimers

At Coimbra Law Firm, West Covina disclaimer creation Attorney Joe Coimbra lends his knowledge, experience, and services to businesses all throughout California who need to shield themselves with iron-clad disclaimers. You can sit down with him during a free initial consultation and discuss the details of your situation and what needs to happen to ensure it resolves in your benefit and, perhaps more importantly, does not happen again. After you retain his legal services, you will be pleased with how quickly he can return a fully-written, well-thought-out disclaimer that has been uniquely tailored to exactly your business’s needs.

Start protecting your business from frivolous lawsuits right now with a disclaimer by calling (626) 827-7222 or emailing Attorney Coimbra and our legal team.

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