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Ending the relationship with your landlord can be stressful, especially when the landlord tries to keep your security deposit , even after you left the place tidy and in need of little or no repairs. When it comes to the security deposit, many tenants don’t actually know what rights they are entitled to. Additionally, most landlords are unfamiliar with the duties they have when the landlord-tenant relationship comes to an end. Unfortunately, some landlords believe they can keep the security deposit, and lie about repairs.

California Law Protects Tenants from Greedy Landlords

According to California Civil Code section 1950.5, tenants are entitled to an inspection before they move. If a tenant requests a “pre-move-out inspection,” the landlord must conduct the inspection during the last two weeks the tenant is living at the residence.

In California, a landlord has 21 days after a tenant moves out to either return their entire deposit or provide them with an itemized list of deductions and any remaining amount from their security deposit. The itemized deduction must describe the damages or repairs, as well as the price required to correct these things.

Under California law, a landlord can only use a tenant’s security deposit for the following things:

  • Damage beyond normal wear and tear, such as a broken door, or a hole in the drywall.
  • Reasonable cleaning costs. However, the landlord can only use the deposit to make the unit as clean as it was when the tenant first moved in.
  • Restore or replace furniture, furnishings, or other personal property; if the rental agreement allows it.
  • Unpaid rent

It is important to note that the landlord is prohibited from using the security deposit for any defects considered normal wear and tear, or for defects that occurred from previous tenancies. Evicted tenants are also entitled to a refund for any unused part of the security deposit.

What Are My Options if My Landlord Is Not Giving Me the Amount I’m Owed?

If you believe your landlord is wrongfully withholding your entire (or a portion) of your security deposit, you should immediately consult with an experienced attorney to discuss what legal actions can be taken. If the court finds that your landlord acted in bath faith, you might be rewarded with twice the amount of the security deposit as punishment for the landlord. In some cases, tenants can also be rewarded court costs, attorney’s fees, and even interest.

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Although tenants are protected under California law, many still feel intimidated when they have to demand money from their landlord. Having a skilled attorney by your side can make this uncomfortable situation run more smoothly.

At Coimbra Law Firm, we gladly represent tenants at all stages of tenancy. From submitting demand letters to the landlord, to representing our clients in the courtroom, we are here to walk you through each step of your case. Our law firm believes that landlords should play by the rules, and that appropriate consequences should result if they fail to do so. If you anticipate a dispute, or you are in a current dispute with your landlord, do not hesitate to call the attorneys at Coimbra Law.

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