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DUI Results

    • Successful DUI Result With .19 BAC (Double The Legal Limit-Plus-Three) - DUI No Jail Time

      Our client, T.K., was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a .08 percent BAC or higher. Client is a professional with much to lose. On account of the unusually high blood alcohol concentration, prosecutor wanted extended alcohol program and also jail time. Due to our high level of drunk driving defense legal skill, we persuaded prosecutor to drop the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol and to drop jail time as part of the resolution of the case.

    • DUI with .12 BAC Dismissed in Favor of Reduced No-Jail Charge - DUI

      A young man with a career in banking, who also seeks to go to law school someday, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in violation of California Vehicle Code 23152a and Driving with .08 BAC or higher, in violation of California Vehicle Code 23152b. Our Van Nuys courthouse DUI defense attorneys swept into action and challenged the field sobriety test, the officer's statement and the forensic evidence the prosecutor had amassed against him. Through diligent defense work and negotiating skill, our DUI defense attorneys achieved a DISMISSAL of his DUI charge. Matter resolved for a lesser plea and client served no jail time and his driving record was not besmirched by any DUI conviction.

    • Dismissal of Driving While Intoxicated Charge & Prevention of Battery On a Peace Officer Charge - DUI

      Our client, a member of the police department, was arrested for suspected driving while intoxicated in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 23152(a). The circumstances of his arrest included altercation with fellow police officers and the prosecutor had ample opportunity to file battery on a police office (a violation of California Penal Code 243(b) and 243(c)). At minimum, the prosecutor could have filed resisting arrest, a violation of California Penal Code 148(a)(1). However, due to our early and aggressive intervention, the prosecutor never filed any such charges though it would have had good reason to do so. They also dismissed the DWI count. Matter resolved for lesser plea. Client served absolutely no jail time on account of this resolution. Another successful result.

    • Nurse charged with DUI and refusal to submit breath test receives reduced sentence and refusal stricken. - DUI REDUCED

      Our client, a nurse who received a DUI, was facing charges for both DUI and refusal to submit for BAC testing. Our attorneys worked arduously even before the arraignment by submitting mitigation materials to the DA prior to filing. Our attorneys were able to secure a deal which pleased the client, including having the refusal charge stricken. The client received credits toward her overall sentence, a reduced fine, and the minimum program required for a DUI conviction. In addition, the client was able to plead no contest, as opposed to guilty, for the reduced sentence.

    • Pomona Courthouse DUI With High BAC (.23/.24) successfully resolved, no jail-time; charge of violating CVC 23152(a) DISMISSED - DUI

      Our client was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol (in violation of California Vehicle Code 23152(a)) and driving with a blood alcohol concentration level over the legal limit (in violation of California Vehicle Code 23152(b)). In this case, our client was accused of having driven virtually three times the legal limit BAC (.23/.24). Our Pomona courthouse DUI lawyers sprung into action, submitting a detailed and comprehensive written legal argument and engaging in intensive negotiations with the prosecutor. The charge of violating California Vehicle Code 23152(a) was dismissed and matter was resolved without any jail time despite very high blood alcohol concentration

    • Hit and Run Dismissed, No Jail Time Despite High BAC - DUI Dismissed

      Our client was accused of having driven with .15 blood alcohol concentration (BAC), as well as having hit a parked vehicle and then fleeing the scene of the accident. Therefore, the prosecutor filed a criminal complaint alleging three criminal counts (driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher and hit and run, violations of California vehicle code section 23152(a), 23152(b) and 20002(a), respectively). The court imposed six-figure bail...UNTIL our attorneys got involved. Our DUI and hit-and-run criminal charges defense attorneys sprung into action immediately, first with convincing the judge to reduce bail significantly. The judge granted the bail reduction, our client made bail and was released from custody. Then, we mobilized to have the charges dismissed. Facing a potential one year in the county jail, our client was in jeopardy of being incarcerated and losing his job. We convinced the prosecutor to drop any jail time at all. Additionally, the prosecutor threw out the hit and run allegation as well as driving under the influence of alcohol. Not a single day of jail time was imposed.