Theft Results

    • Dismissal of Shoplifting Charge From West Covina Mall - Theft Dismissed

      Our client is a young man in the financial sector. He was apprehended for Petty Theft (violations of California Penal Code Sections 484(a) & 488 PC). If convicted, our client stood to lose not only his freedom (up to one year in the county jail!), but also the illustrious financial career for which he had worked so hard. Our West Covina petty theft charges defense attorneys sprung into action. We challenged the evidence against our client, as well as presented a series of mitigation factors to diminish the severity of the charge against our client. Sure enough, a judge at the Citrus Courthouse (West Covina Courthouse) DISMISSED the petty theft charges against our client (in favor of a minor infraction). In so doing, we were able to protect our client from the ruination of his life.

    • Shoplifting Charge Not Filed Due to Early Attorney Intervention - Theft

      A young woman (nursing student) came to our office after having been arrested for Petty Theft (Shoplifting) under California Penal Code Section 484(a) and California Penal acode Section 488 PC. Our Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse petty theft defense attorneys swung into action, immediately intervening in advance of any criminal filing. Sure enough, the case was not charged and our client avoided jailtime and a conviction that could’ve resulted in her inability to practice her chosen vocation.